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This prime city sits on the meeting point between the swan river and the southwest coast. A trip to this beautiful city would leave you with a nostalgic feeling when you leave thanks to its blend of ancient and modern architectural structures and its well-laid city plans. See the below for our recommendations on the best accommodation in Perth.


1. PERTH CITY WESTERN AUSTRALIA This accommodation service offers an apartment or condominium located a walking distance from the centre of Perth. It also features a 2 bedroom flat equipped with a gym, unlimited WI-FI, free swimming pool and city bus. Price range: $10

2. 8 PARLIAMENT PLACE This condominium/ apartment has class written all over it and is packed with the best amenities you could ever find in an apartment. Don't worry about bringing your children along because this apartment is built suitable for children under 5. Price range: $14/ night.

3. ISTANA ALFRED COVE. This apartment takes pride in its very positive customer reviews. It is a 4-bedroom apartment equipped with modern amenities. It is also suitable for children under 5. Price range: $12/ night.

4. PERTH CBD APARTMENT ON MURRAY This one-bedroom apartment offers a lot of comforts. It is fully furnished with an abundance of state of the art amenities from the stereo system to plasma screens to DVD players. Price range: $9.

5. FRASER SUITES PERTH This accommodation option is owned by a real estate giant and is guaranteed to give you the experience of your life. It offers a 5-star accommodation experience coupled with free swimming pools, restaurants and breakfast service. With its abundance of luxury and style, this is definitely the best choice on the list. Picking a short-term accommodation in Perth depends on your preference and budget. The beauty of it all is that you wouldn't have to sacrifice a lot of money to get an accommodation that suits your needs while you stay in Perth.