Are There Business Benefits To Having a Business Dress Code?

  • Written by News Company

Through the summer, business dress and work uniform debates can come up time and time again, simply because some people call for change when the weather is warmer, and wonder if what they are wearing does have an impact on how they do their job. But does it have an impact. For starters, the business dress codes of years gone by tend to be much more relaxed now than they ever were. And in the majority of cases, it hasn’t stopped the business from doing well and thriving. But is there any science behind it all?

Having a relaxed code of dress in your place of work can look attractive to new recruits and can make some people more comfortable at work. But there is an argument that having a uniform or a stricter code of dress can actually be good for the business as it can help to create a positive look for your brand. Customers and clients know what to expect of you if things are consistent each time that they see you.

Having a uniform or a dress code can help to foster a sense of belonging and community in the business too. You know what you will be wearing each day, and it makes it simpler to get up and go. It could also lead to a sense of company loyalty and feeling more like part of it when you wear something with the brand name on. It could be a full uniform, to just a jacket or simply a lanyard or business pin. Whatever you choose, just make sure you research what will work best for your business, and look up the differences for different kinds of pins or lanyards, for example. Something small can make a difference and for employees, eliminate any dress code dilemmas when things are left a little too open ended.

In a similar vein, when there is a uniform or dress code for employees, it can help to foster a sense of pride in the workplace. They can feel pride wearing the brand name on them when they are out and about. Plus, if employees look more professional, they are likely to act more professional too; it is all about the mindset.

Demonstrating that point, there has been a study a few years ago where groups of people were given white lab coats to wear. One group was told it was to do something scientific and important. One group was told they were going to be getting creative, and a control group wasn’t told anything. The group that were told that they were in lab coats for something science based were shown to be more productive and have more attention to detail than the other groups. So when you dress the part and think the part, it does have an impact.

Most businesses aren’t going to need a full and specific uniform as such. But having a dress code in place (with some flexibility, of course), can really help to improve the productivity of your employees, as well as create an awareness and consistency around your brand.