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Creative ways to cover your window

  • Written by News Company

A home interior is something that demands extra time and a sharp eye. Neglecting the windows after having spent a considerable amount of time, energy, and money on the decoration of your home is probably the worst thing you can do. Leaving windows without any treatment can distort the overall appearance of the room. It gives off an incomplete, bare look that keeps on interfering with the look of the house and makes it look empty. 


Speaking of a complete look, all it takes to round off a perfect look is through curtains, blinds, or even a valance. Window coverings can indeed be quite heavy on the pocket. So, in case you are looking for an option that falls in your budget, then you have come to the right place. 

We can imagine how daunting it can be to find proper window treatments within the budget. Hence, in this guide, we bring you some creative options which will make your windows look great without breaking your pocket. They are not only cheap but super-efficient and effective.



They happen to come in a range so extensive that it can be quite exhausting to pick one. However, the control it gives over light is unmatchable. Whether you want to block the sunlight or let a bit of it pass through, blinds allow you to do that, and this is what favors its versatility. Furthermore, in comparison to options like wooden shutters, roller blinds are way too light on the pocket and quite a stylish addition for the price. Other than this, they are also economical when compared with Roman fabric blinds. 


Roller blinds are laced with high energy values. Therefore, this makes it a perfect solution to block the scorching sunlight. They can be customized and are available in different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors.

Make sure you get yours from a place which happens to be the best roller blinds company in Sydney.


The fabric panels:

To begin with, these are one of the easiest DIY window coverings. They are ideal if you want to create one on your own. Moreover, these panels come in a wide assortment of fabrics, from voile, linen, and cotton. These fabrics happen to be sheer, which means you will get a terrific control on the light in addition to privacy. There are a lot of design options you can make your pick from, ranging from simple sheer to lace. There is something for all. 

However, if you are someone who prefers a fabric too opaque, then consider hanging a twin sheet on the rod. 


Matchstick bamboo shades:

They are another pocket-friendly option in the list of the window coverings that you can consider. In addition to being light on the pocket, they give off an attractive and modern look to the house. Without spending much, you can get a simple, bespoke covering for your window.


As for the variety, matchstick bamboo shades come in a range of eye-catching natural tones. They allow the light to pass through in the most gentle manner and a high degree of privacy regardless of day or night. 


Speaking of its installation, they are easy to handle, considering the fact that they could be hung on to the window frame using just a pair of nails. 


Paper accordion-pleat window shades:

This is the cheapest option considering how each shade is priced under $10. Moreover, paper accordion-pleat window shades are a breeze when it comes to installation and makes great for a window covering. 

With these shades, you don't have to fret about the color theme as it is available in a plethora of colors. This means that you can easily have them blended with the rest of your home's color palette.


Not only this, but different levels of thickness are available when it comes to the paper. So, you have complete control over how much light you want to pass through into your house. To be precise, you have the liberty to go from slight filtering to full-fledged room darkening. Above all, it is easy to replace these just in case you are in the mood of a new color theme. Feel free to revamp as you please. 


Translucent contact paper:

For those who don't care about standard window coverings, translucent contact paper or window film is an ideal option to opt for. They serve as an excellent option for privacy and can be readily bought from any home improvement store. 

As for the style, they are available in fancy options like stained glass. If you are inclined towards a simple option, then etched glass style would make the cut.

Again, these are easy to install as well as to remove and work perfectly for bathroom or basement windows. 


Tie up shades:

This can be one colorful and pretty addition to your home decor. The best part is that they are easy to wash, as well as easy to hang. 

Fabric tie up shades can be bought under $18, and considering this, they are a good value for money. It is hard to describe how beautiful they transform the overall look of the house. They come in combination with adjustable clips so that you can have your desired look. 


Faux stained glass:

If your theme happens to be of a single tone and you are looking to add a pop of color, then the faux stained glass will get you covered. As a window treatment, it lets in light by filtering it most exquisitely. 

For DIY enthusiasts, it can be quite fun to create your own. All you need is a piece of glass, some adhesive strips coupled with glass paints. You don't need to spend hours searching for them as you can find them readily available at your local craft store. 


Macrame hanging:

For people who are looking for out of the box or unconventional options, macrame hanging is what they need in their home. 

It can easily turn a dull room into a classy one considering its artistic design. The overall look comes off as aesthetically rich and very eye-catching.

Again, for DIY enthusiasts, this can be quite a challenging yet super fun activity. Moreover, this is something you can do on a Sunday with your family. It can be a productive activity that is fun at the same time. 


Final Word

The ideas mentioned above can be beneficial for you if you apply them smartly. You do not have to spend much to make your house look good. Just let the creative in you take over, and your home will go through a transformation like never before.