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What do property management companies do - Get the inside scoop

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Giving a property for rent does not only mean finding the right tenant and collecting the rent. This process involves property management online by promoting the property, making the lease and registering it, maintaining the apartment in the event of a malfunction, ensuring the utility payments, organizing and supervising the move process, etc. Some owners believe that the most logical solution is to call a property management company to keep the property closely monitored. On the other hand, there are also owners who choose to take care of everything that means managing the apartment.

In order to understand the usefulness of contacting such a company, it is important to clarify what it can offer and what are the situations where this service is vital.

What is Property Management?

This domain involves managing a property by a third party - specialized firms. They deal directly with the relationship with landlords in order to save time, to promote the property, to observe the laws and rules of the area in which it is located, to make the necessary documents for rent, to collect rent, to repair and mentor tenants. In addition, a company of this kind contributes through its know-how and experience in property management, so as to maximize the return on investment made in the real estate.

If owners oscillate between appealing to a property management firm and administering their own apartment, they should consider certain factors to make the right decision. See more here.

When is it advisable to call on a property management service?

  • If you own more than one property. The more rental properties you have, the more profitable it is to use the services of a management company, as it saves time and money.

  • The owner does not live near the premises. In this situation, hiring a property management company can be a worthy to resolve urgent problems the owner cannot handle remotely.

  • The property is just an investment. Owners can look at the property as a simple investment and want to be involved little or no in its administration. In this case, a property management firm resolves any problem that arises in relation to the tenant and the administrative part of the property.

Find here additional info:

  • Property management is not the main job of the owner. Time may be limited, which is also true for the owner. Since this activity is not a full-time job, he will not always be available to handle the apartment. Also, hiring a management company is a good investment if in the future the owner plans to expand his property portfolio or organize and finance a series of renovations to maximize his profit.

  • Owners do not want to become angry. Employing a resident or personal administrator to help them with property management involves wages, fees, numerous requirements, and legal considerations. But because a property management company is an independent contractor, it can avoid further complications of the employer status.

  • Owners do not want to establish and stay in touch with tenants, especially foreigners. Talking with tenants involves time, regular travel to property and effort to meet all the needs of the apartment. As far as the property is leased by speakers of a language other than native to the owner, things can get even more complicated. In such cases, the property management company mediates relationships, helps the tenant understand all its responsibilities and rights, and makes the rental process easy.

When don’t you need property management service?

Owners who have just one property. If a person owns a single studio or apartment and rents for only one or two rooms, the call to a property management company is not indicated.

The property is occupied by someone close. There are cases where the owner's apartment is given to a friend or a relative. The relationship with these people is nonformal, based on friendship and is not a so difficult task to fulfill, and the owner otherwise negotiates rental conditions and costs. Therefore, a management company would not find the utility in this case.

The apartment is located in the vicinity of the owner's home. Whether the rented property is in the same block or neighborhood as the owner's home, its administration can be made much easier and more efficient.