Camplify : Experience the Winter Solstice in someone else’s van

  • Written by Matilda Ferguson

While it may be tempting to hibernate during the cold weather, there are a variety of winter solstice events this year in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales that will make ditching the UGGs and PJs worth your while.


While not all of us can afford a cosy $50k+ campervan to enjoy the Winter Solstice festivities in, there’s now another option. Australia’s number one caravan and RV-sharing platform Camplify offers self-drive, tow or set-up van options to match every taste and style.


Dark Mofo, Tasmania

With Dark Mofo and the City of Hobart’s Winter Feast events starting Friday June 9th, this two-week festival includes art installations and live music events hosted around the city, which will keep you entertained both day and night. When you do choose to retire for the night, staying in a Camplify motorhome equipped with 1000 free movies, GPS, linen for six, solar power and satellite TV will be a welcome oasis.


Mid-Winter Fest, Tasmania

From 14th to 16th July, Tasmania’s Houn Valley (40 minutes from Hobart) plays host to the Mid-Winter Fest, where attendees are encouraged to join in and ‘Wassail’ (sing) to the apple orchard as they dance around the burning man. WIth live music and creative performances to enjoy, the hairy cows also provide visitors with some entertainment. Stay cosy in a luxury van such as this A-Class motorhome and enjoy the comforts of home with a full fridge, three-way freezer, air con and shower/toilet.


Dockland Firelight Festival, Victoria

Explore Melbourne’s Dockland Firelight Festival from 30th June to 2nd July in the Taj Mahal Mahcamper and experience the theatrical fire performances with light shows and free entry all weekend. The camper will be set-up for you by the owners, so all your need to do is bring your baggage and enjoy the use of a full kitchen, hot water system, queen size bed and more.


Winter Magic Festival, New South Wales

Learn to appreciate the great outdoors in this little weekender at this year’s Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. Join in on the magic with the main street closing down for a Grande Parade in celebration of the Winter Solstice, then continue the party back at the van, which is decked out in the full glam 70s flashback experience with velvet, shag pile, sheepskin and wild wallpaper. Groovy!


How do I Camplify?

Australia’s largest peer-to-peer RV sharing system boasts more than 1600 vans located all around Australia. Sign-up is free and, like Airbnb, owners control the hiring process, setting their rules, pricing, availability, and (here’s where it differs) whether they set-up or allow the hirer to set the RV up themselves. Camplify also helps with insurance products, to make sure listed owners and hirers are covered.


With 26,000 members, the site is simple to use and connects caravan and camper trailer owners with holiday-goers creating comfortable, flexible and affordable accommodation.


So if you have some vacation time coming up, why not hire an RV through Camplify and take the hassle out of your holiday. To find out more visit, and join the thriving Camplify community.  

Article & Photography by Matilda Ferguson

Five Thrilling Auckland Adventures

  • Written by News Feature Team

For travelers looking for a dose of adrenaline, New Zealand’s capital city of Auckland offers up many thrills without even needing to leave city limits. Auckland is truly an extreme sports center and is known worldwide as a top destination for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. There are so many adventurous activities that it may be overwhelming choosing which ones to embark on. This is why, before you even hit up the campervan hire location to begin your journey, you should put together a list of the adventures you will definitely want to hit on your trip.

For this purpose, take a look below at the top five adventures Auckland has to offer to adrenaline junkie travelers.

Sky Jump Auckland

Over 320 meters high, the legendary Sky Tower offers a 360 degree view of the Auckland skyline and surrounding area. It also offers the change to base jump from the bridge, with Sky Jump Auckland offering a safe, well-equipped service. This straight drop over the city will be sure to get your blood pumping in exhilarating fashion. Try to keep your eyes open to take in the view, if you can!

Harbour Bridge Bungee Jump

The Harbour Bridge in Auckland is a staple of the local scenery, and the views from the bridge are absolutely extraordinary. Those seeking more excitement than a mere view, however, can also take a 40 meter plunge from the bridge by bungee cord. This fall over the blue waters will certainly fill your adrenaline quota, and you can rest assured that the whole operation is 100% safe, with thousands taking the plunge each year.

Waitomo Caves

These famous black water caves are truly a sight to behold. A subterranean netherworld beckons, full of unbelievable sights and truly alien rockscapes you won’t forget anytime soon. Many companies offer rafting tours through the caves which combine with caving foot expeditions to make for a truly exhilarating underground experience. If you want an unforgettable daylong journey underground, then the Waitomo Caves are not to be overlooked.


Of course, you can skydive almost anywhere in the world, but the Auckland area offers far more opportunities than most cities due to the miles of rural country just past city limits. Many of the skydiving tours on offer allow you to fly out over the city into the surrounding country, then over the nearby fields where you can do your dive. No matter your experience level, these tours offer instructions and dual-jumps for beginners and solo dives for those more experienced.


Archery has long been a New Zealand tradition, and there are many opportunities for lessons and experience in Auckland. Many companies offer packages where you can learn the ancient art of archery from the ground up, watching experienced instructors, learning about the expansive history of the art form, and of course drawing the bow yourself. Both educational and exhilarating, a New Zealand archery experience is a one-of-a-kind endeavour.

Those seeking an adrenaline rush will have plenty of opportunities in Auckland, so make sure you plan enough time in your trip to take advantage of them all.

Before 30, Follow this NZ Guide

  • Written by News Feature Team

NZ Guide

The big 3.0 is just around the corner and you may be panicking-just a little? There is really nothing to fear, but to make sure that you get to your 30’s feeling like you have done “youthful” things like traveling around in a
campervan hire New Zealand or hiking throughout its best forests and mountains, follow our guide for the five best things to do before you turn 30. You won’t regret it.

While, of course, you can do many of these things above 30, there is just something about living your youth fully and these New Zealand adventures will have you doing just that.

  • Take a dive (in a cage) to see a Great White

Believe us, this is something that you will want to do while you are young and impressionable. Before fears set in and you start thinking about how dangerous it may be, because while it may be a jaw-dropping experience, it will be one that you will survive with an amazing tale to tell.

  • Skydive in Abel Tasman

Your youth is the perfect time to take advantage of your desire for things that get your heart pumping and an activity that is chock-full of adrenaline is skydiving in Abel Tasman. It is where you can jump from a higher altitude and best of all, see both the North and South islands. Truly, madly, deeply, it’s a MUST DO and you will certainly enjoy it more before the responsible decade of your 30’s come knocking. Are you ready to see life from 16,500 feet?

  • Hike to see the Sutherland Falls

What is something that is very common in youth? Partying is a good answer, but the one that I am looking for is energy. There isn’t anything quite like being energetic and being able to do anything and everything, and hiking to visit the Sutherland Falls is a fabulous way of using your energy. It takes a few days to get there and once you arrive, you will be rewarded with rewarding views of one of the world’s highest waterfalls.

  • Whitewater Rafting

As you can see, the theme here is adventure and that’s because New Zealand is where adventure abounds. It’s as if the islands were made for those who love hiking and water activities and enjoy being in nature. That’s why we think that white water rafting around Christchurch and Queenstown is the perfect way of experiencing something that will provide you with memories that will last you for a lifetime.

  • Go on a road trip through the country

This is truly something that you must do before your 30’s, before you get tied down with serious jobs and babies and all of those things that come with the beautiful experience of getting older. Grab some friends, pack hiking and surfing gear, and visit all of the gorgeous natural destinations that New Zealand boasts of. Whether you rent a campervan with friends or you set out in a car with a tent in your luggage, you will live experiences that you will want to write home about.

Road Tripping Safety Tips for Tasmania

  • Written by News Feature Team

If you’re planning on a
campervan hire trip to Tasmania and it’s your first visit to this incredible location, you’ll be heading for an amazing road trip experience. With stunning vistas, incredible national parks, and a whole host of cultural attractions, Australia’s island state can truly be an awe-inspiring destination. However, for those unfamiliar with the terrain and climate of Tasmania, road tripping can be a potentially hazardous adventure - if precautions and a few safety tips are not heeded. Here’s four important things you should remember to ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime adventure remains a safe one:


Always be prepared for Tasmania’s unique weather conditions

Tasmania has four very distinctive seasons, and the conditions can be a little more extreme than those found on mainland Australia. Whilst the summer months can offer perfect conditions for road trips, travelling at other times of the year may expose drivers to heavy rainfall, thick fogs, and even snowy conditions. If you’re road tripping through the mountainous regions of the island, it’s also plausible for conditions to change rapidly during a single day. Thus, it is crucial that visitors are prepared and always drive to conditions.


Remember to top up your fuel before going off the beaten track

If you’re heading to the more remote corners of the island, always make sure to fill up your tank before embarking on your road trip. Whilst this may seem an obvious tip, many visitors to Tasmania are often caught out by the paucity of service stations along the quieter stretches of road, as well as their shorter opening hours too.


Give yourself plenty of time

Tasmania is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace as you traverse magnificent, mountainous landscapes, beautiful forests, and rolling green hills. However, due to narrow or winding roads, an abundance of wildlife, and volatile weather conditions at certain times of year, it is important that visitors plan their routes in advance and afford themselves plenty of time before embarking on long-distance journeys. Due to the limited range of alternative routes in some regions, in the event of an accident or a road closure it is prudent to prepare contingency plans. Carrying old-fashioned paper maps, just in case mobile or GPS signals are lost, can be a wise decision too.


Enjoy the wildlife but watch out for it too

Tasmania is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including possums, kangaroos, wallabies, and of course, the famous Tasmanian devil. However, ‘roadkill’ is a highly problematic issue in the state and in some scenarios, this can also lead to exceptionally dangerous situations for drivers if collisions with larger animals occur. In most cases, avoiding animals can simply be achieved by a combination of careful driving and diligence (especially when driving in rural regions). However, choosing when to drive can be a crucial factor also and it is important to be aware that drivers are far more likely to encounter animals on roads between dusk and midnight. So, make sure you avoid costly car repairs and do your bit to help protect Tasmania’s wonderful wildlife be driving safely on your incredible road trip experience.

Delighting in a North Island Holiday!

  • Written by News Feature Team

New Zealand is a nation of incredible natural beauty, and while the sites and common tourist destinations of the South Island might be a little bit better known out of the two, don't dismiss the North Island out of hand. The North Island is no slouch when it comes to natural beauty, urban fun, and everything in between! If you are looking to spend a week or two on holiday then read on to find out why you should find a good campervan hire, call up some mates, and set out for an adventure to remember!

Step 1: Plan Well

What is your definition of a road trip? Does it involve staying out in the country, jumping from campsite to campsite and just enjoying the natural beauty around you? Are you more urban based and like to use towns or cities as your main destinations with the natural world along the way as just a bonus?

The key to any successful road trip based holiday is to plan well from the beginning. Are you traveling solo, with a significant other, or a couple of good mates? If you're traveling in a campervan alone then you can plan solely around what you want to do. On the other hand, you want to make sure anybody who is traveling with you

Step 2: Agree on Main Stops

The jaunt between the cities of Wellington and Auckland is a prime bit of highway for seeing some of the best scenery not just in the North Island but in all of New Zealand. Volcanic fields, ragged mountains, rolling farm hills, lakes and rivers, and even healthy lush rain forests are just some of the scenery that will be found along this 740 kilometre route. This route even has many of the main areas where The Lord of the Rings films were made.

Consider visiting Coopers Creek Vineyard, which features many local award-winning wines if you like a bit of a good drink during holiday. The beautiful vineyards are just bonus. Waikato is known throughout the entire country for having some of the best hiking trails available – which is great for outdoor enthusiasts. Even for more urban focused travelers who want to spend time in Wellington and Auckland, there are fun sites to stop at along the way.

There are even some popular online road trips, each based around the many different sights and sounds that can be found along the way of each one. If you are not completely sure what would make a great road trip, choose a road, grab a plan, and go!

Step 3: Enjoy!

While visiting certain places is going to be a major part of any road trip, you always want to leave some open time so you can enjoy your holiday. While planning is good, you don't want to have to rush off if everyone is having the time of their life at an unexpected stop or are getting invited to stay over at a home by some locals. Having the ability to stay longer, or leave early, gives a flexibility that will help your road trip be the best it can be!