Best short term accommodation in Perth

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This prime city sits on the meeting point between the swan river and the southwest coast. A trip to this beautiful city would leave you with a nostalgic feeling when you leave thanks to its blend of ancient and modern architectural structures and its well-laid city plans. See the below for our recommendations on the best accommodation in Perth.


1. PERTH CITY WESTERN AUSTRALIA This accommodation service offers an apartment or condominium located a walking distance from the centre of Perth. It also features a 2 bedroom flat equipped with a gym, unlimited WI-FI, free swimming pool and city bus. Price range: $10

2. 8 PARLIAMENT PLACE This condominium/ apartment has class written all over it and is packed with the best amenities you could ever find in an apartment. Don't worry about bringing your children along because this apartment is built suitable for children under 5. Price range: $14/ night.

3. ISTANA ALFRED COVE. This apartment takes pride in its very positive customer reviews. It is a 4-bedroom apartment equipped with modern amenities. It is also suitable for children under 5. Price range: $12/ night.

4. PERTH CBD APARTMENT ON MURRAY This one-bedroom apartment offers a lot of comforts. It is fully furnished with an abundance of state of the art amenities from the stereo system to plasma screens to DVD players. Price range: $9.

5. FRASER SUITES PERTH This accommodation option is owned by a real estate giant and is guaranteed to give you the experience of your life. It offers a 5-star accommodation experience coupled with free swimming pools, restaurants and breakfast service. With its abundance of luxury and style, this is definitely the best choice on the list. Picking a short-term accommodation in Perth depends on your preference and budget. The beauty of it all is that you wouldn't have to sacrifice a lot of money to get an accommodation that suits your needs while you stay in Perth.

Premier Residences Emerald Bay opens in the Pearl Island of Phu Quoc

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Accor Hotels announces the latest addition of Premier Residences Emerald Bay in the Pearl Island of Phu Quoc. Managed by AccorHotels, the resort features 745 stylish rooms, suites and two-bedroom penthouses with a private pool that offers expansive views of Emerald Bay.

 “This year marks the 27th anniversary celebration of AccorHotels' presence in Vietnam and the launch of Premier Residence Phu Quoc Emerald Bay marks our 29th property and 4th resort on the beautiful island. The resort offers easy access to Hon Thom Cable Car, the world's longest cable car ride that connects An Thoi town and Hon Thom Island. The cable car ride gives travellers an opportunity to immerse in the panoramic view of the southern islets with breathtaking sunset view in Phu Quoc.” said Patrick Basset, Chief Operating Officer for AccorHotels Upper Southeast and Northeast Asia and the Maldives.

Phu Quoc Island boasts idyllic beaches, romantic sunsets, evergreen forests, and serene surrounds, making it an ideal holiday destination for travellers looking to escape bustling city life. Located 45 kilometres west of Ha Tien in the far south of Vietnam, the island's northern part is listed on UNESCO world heritage site. Phu Quoc is a hub of marine activity, housing large patches of coastal ecosystems, and nearly 108 species of corals, 135 species of coral reef fish and 132 different types of mollusks, as well as migrating fish and marine mammals in its surrounding waters. The island is one of the few places in the country where wildlife enthusiasts can spot unique species like dugong, the hawksbill turtle and green turtle.

The resort boasts three restaurant and two bars. Mercato, an all-day dining restaurant features buffet and ala-carte menu options of Vietnamese and international cuisine while the Clubhouse serves a range of fresh seafood selection and grilled items. Leisure facilities include a fitness centre, yoga studio and outdoor pool that overlooks Khem Beach. For a complete rejuvenation of the body and soul, the resort's Emerald Spa offers a range of signature facial and massage treatments where guests can indulge in a day of personal pampering.

 “Managed by AccorHotels, Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay adds an exciting getaway option to Khem Beach. Phu Quoc Island is home to around 20 beaches with Khem Beach being one of its most beautiful, overlooking Emerald Bay with powdery white sands. The island is one of South-East Asia's best-kept secrets offering the perfect getaway for the adventurous and honeymooners seeing for a romantic getaway,” said Jean-Francois Brun, the resort's General Manager.

Enjoy a weekend getaway at USD 120++ (VND 2,795,000) per room per night inclusive of cable cab tickets for two to Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park from now until January 15, 2019. Email for reservations or call +84 (0) 297 392 7777. Visit for more information.



AccorHotels is a world-leading travel & lifestyle group and digital innovator offering unique experiences in more than 4,600 hotels, resorts and residences across 100 different countries. 

With an unrivaled portfolio of internationally renowned hotel brands encompassing the entire range from luxury to economy, from upscale to lifestyle and midscale brands, AccorHotels has been providing savoir-faire and expertise for more than 50 years. 

In addition to its core hospitality business, AccorHotels has successfully expanded its range of services, becoming the world leader in luxury private residence rental with more than 10,000 stunning properties around the world. The Group is also active in the fields of concierge servicesco-workingdiningevents management and digital solutions.

Relying on its global team of more than 250,000 dedicated staff, AccorHotels is committed to fulfilling its primary mission: to make every guest Feel Welcome.  Guests have access to one of the world's most attractive hotel loyalty programs - Le Club AccorHotels.   

AccorHotels plays an active role in its local communities and is committed to promoting sustainable development and solidarity through PLANET 21 Acting Here, a comprehensive program that brings together employees, guests and partners to drive sustainable growth.

From 2008, the AccorHotels Solidarity Endowment Fund has acted as a natural extension of the Group's activities and values, helping to combat the social and financial exclusion experienced by the most disadvantaged members of society.

Accor SA is publicly listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN code: FR0000120404) and on the OTC Market (Ticker: ACRFY) in the United States.

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit or Or join and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Awesome Aussies- It's Time to Explore Our Country in a New Way

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Australia is one of the most interesting and beautiful countries in the world- as an Aussie you’ll of course already know this (not biased at all!) However, chances are that even if you’ve lived in Australia for your whole life you’ve never experienced everything it has to offer. There’s no need to jet off abroad for your next trip, there’s plenty to see and do right here in the ‘land down under.’ Here are some ideas!

Explore the waterways

Australia’s waterways include rivers and lakes, weirs and locks, waterfalls, even canals- although they are pretty rare. These incredible bodies of water make great places to visit and can be used to get around too. From canal and river cruises to tours and educational trips there’s plenty to see and do on Australia’s waters. Then of course you have an epic seventy thousand kilometers of coastline of stunning sandy beaches and turquoise oceans. You can go scuba diving and snorkelling, boating, try your hand at various watersports and much more. Not forgetting the mind blowing Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world and something people travel across the planet to see. As an Aussie you have this on your home turf, why wouldn’t you make the most of it and go and visit?

Visit the outback

Around seventy percent of our country is classed as the outback, and yet eighty nine percent live in cities and built up areas. We have thousands and thousands of square kilometers of truly interesting, remote areas to discover. People travel from all over the world to visit the outback, some have claimed that being so far away from society has given them spiritual experiences and completely changed their frame of mind. While remote and difficult to navigate, it’s far from boring. From national parks to camel treks, incredible desertscapes, there are plants and animals that exist nowhere else on earth and much more. Visiting the outback is something well worth doing if you never have before. You could go with experienced friends, or book a tour if you’ve never done anything like that before.

Put all of the cities on your bucket list

When most people think of visiting Australia, it’s the incredible cities that spring to mind. Chances are you grew up in one of the major cities, but have you visited all of the others? There are eight ‘main’ capital cities and each one is a full vacation within itself. On top of this you have many other smaller cities, there’s more to see and do than you could ever manage in one trip. It goes to show that you really don’t need to grab your passport since there’s so much to experience right here!

If you live in Australia but have never really explored and made the most of the incredible country that’s right under your feet, it’s time to change that!

What’s your favourite place to visit on your home turf? Where would you recommend a tourist visit, who had never been to Australia before?

7 New Attractions in Melbourne

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Melbourne, the second largest metropolis in Australia is sure to surprise you with its vibrant and multicultural side. Although its major claim to fame lies in sports, there is a lot more to it than just horse racing and football or cricket events. There are endless locations and attractions here to explore. Your bucket list is sure to remain full even after you have made multiple trips to the city!

To get the most out of your time in Melbourne and get through all the best attractions, you will need to save as much as possible. One way to do this is to look for deals online. Sites like Groupon offer deals on attractions. This way you can get through a few more!

Melbourne is world famous for its chefs dishing out recipes in almost every possible cuisine including Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, Spanish or Greek. It is like a maze of hidden laneways with grand Victorian buildings and street art. Read on to learn about the latest attractions in Melbourne.

7 New Things to Do in Melbourne

Escape to the Royal Botanic Gardens
The Royal Botanic Gardens are the perfect spot if you want to spend some quiet time in solace amidst the vast greenery. Home to 8,500 plants, the Royal Botanic Gardens is sure to make you feel a new breath of life, rejuvenated and refreshed in the lush lawns surrounded by glittering lakes. You can plan a weekend picnic and take a tour to learn more about the Aboriginal Heritage.

Melbourne Collective Market
If you want to get access to the local artworks created by best designers from the city, then head straight for Melbourne Collective Market. Here, you can browse local crafts,  jewelry, homewares, ceramics, fashion, accessories and a lot more. Touring the bustling marketplace is a great way to get a feel for this city. There is also an assortment of delicious food and live music to enjoy!

Fun at St Kilda Seaside
You will love exploring the three main strips of St Kilda, Acland Street, and Fitzroy Street. Acland is a mecca for cake lovers, while Fitzroy Street is loaded with retail shops, gyms, and fancy restaurants. Be sure and treat yourself with the money you have saved here.

Holey Cheese Festival
If you love cheese, you have got to make a visit to the Holey Cheese Festival. This is your chance to taste and celebrate all kinds of cheese - Camembert, Goat, Raclette, Gouda and Roquefort, which are all presented in different ways. You will find them in soft, hard, blue, white. You can pair these with refreshing local brews and quench your thirst. You can take part by watching cooking demonstrations and enjoy those cheesy celebrations further.

Explore the Most Haunted Spots
Melbourne sure is haunted, and you can be part of those ghost tours to get the biggest scares of your lives. Hosier Lane is one of the most famous haunted sites in the city and guests at Pink Alley have experienced the ghost of a young girl. Windsor Hotel is another haunted site where staff and guests have reported seeing and hearing ghosts wandering the hallways. Lantern Ghost Tours share the chilling tales of the ghosts of these sites.

Hire a Boat
Get aboard the private luxury fleet which is now also eco-friendly! You can take advantage of the opportunity to drive yourself around and with no need for a license or any experience. The unique and special boat ride will give you a new perspective of the beautiful city, and you will come across many beautiful sights of the Yarra River.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
ACMI is sure to surprise you with the largest moving image collection. It is indeed fascinating as well as great fun to be at ACMI. The place is home to cinemas, events, exhibitions as well as pop-culture festivals.

Travel Trends: How Health Is Taking Over

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There have been a lot of different trends in travel from budget trips to eco-tourism, but one of the most powerful ones that is around at the moment is the idea that you can integrate some health and wellbeing aspects into your trip. A trend that you can find out all about below, along with a few suggestions on how to achieve this type of travel yourself.

Hiking break

One break that fits this model perfectly is hiking. Of course, we're not just asking about a gentle stroll in a local park here, but challenging yourself to walk some of the most famous and challenging trails in the world.

The number one hike that is on everyone's list is the Inca Trail in Peru, a challenging high altitude hike that passes through the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

However, before you attempt such a feat, you will need to do a decent amount of training. After all, you won't enjoy yourself at all if you are struggling with the trail, exhausted, and covered in blisters. Also, remember that the altitude difference can affect your physical performance, and for some people, it can even make them sick. Something to bear in mind before choosing this option, if you want to end your break as healthy as you started.  


Another possible healthy holiday that you can choose and one that is a little less strenuous is a golf tour. Such breaks are often organised by specialists agents like Teed Up and allow you to play on some of the best and most famous courses in the world, something that can be genuinely thrilling to the serious golfer.

Of course, such brakes aren't all about the action on the green, as they also include other tours, food, drink, and accommodation too. Something that makes then a great combination of healthy physical activity and also relaxing and enjoying yourself as well.

Marathon mini break

Another option for a break that includes some physical exercise is to sign up for a marathon or half marathon in one of the many cities around the world that offer them during the summer season. Yes, you will usually have to go in for the ballot, unless you wish to run for a charity as they typically have a certain amount of reserved places available.

Of course, your marathon should only take up a day, which means you are free to explore the city that you are in for the rest of your stay. Although, you will want to take it a little easy after running 27 miles, so don't overfill your schedule!

Yoga retreat

If marathon running just doesn't float your boat, you may enjoy a break that includes a more gentle form of physical exercise like yoga. In fact, the popularity of yoga retreats has risen over the last 10 years, and many people swear by them to get away from the grind of everyday day life and recenter and recharge.

A typical retreat can last around 7 days and will include accommodation, vegetarian food, and morning and evening yoga classes. You will have to be open to getting up nice and early for the am classes though, as these can start anytime from 5-7am depending on how hot the weather gets where you are staying.

However, in between classes you will have plenty of free time to explore the surrounding area, relax by the pool, or even engage in some creative activities such as painting or drawing. Something that can make this choice an excellent one of those looking for a healthy break that is relaxing as well.

Spa holiday

Now, you may be one of those folks that find any of the above suggestions a little much, but don't worry because there is still a choice open to you. This option is to go on a spa break, something you can do in either a hotel that offers spa facilities or by visiting places like Budapest and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland where you can access natural spas.

On such a break you can expect luxe accommodation and food, as well as treatments such as massages, facials, and manicures. Although, the latter will come at an additional cost.

Of course, there are usually active options such as swimming or working out in the gym available if you choose to make use of them. However, the relaxing and therapeutic nature of a spa and the treatments within them may be all you need to improve your wellbeing and return to your normal life as healthy and refreshed as possible.