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Shopping and culture between a beer and a white sausage

  • Written by Staff Reporter

Munich, the Bavarian capital, not only offers its residents many attractions, but also its visitors. The cityscape Munich is characterized by centuries-old buildings and numerous museums. The state capital is known far beyond the city limits. Even abroad, one often speaks of this beautiful city where you can see everywhere the Escorts Munich. That has a special reason. After all, the state capital of the Bavarian Free State is once a year known for the event and the orientation of the Oktoberfest. In addition, the city is mainly known for its beer gardens and beer halls. One should particularly emphasize at this point the “Hofbräuhaus”, which was opened in 1589. If you travel to Munich, you should plan enough time not only to admire the sights of the city, but also to enter the many shopping streets.
Shopping arcades and shopping streets in Munich
That Munich is known for its creativity and its eccentricity should not be further surprising. But not only in hosting the Oktoberfest proves the Bavarian capital much creativity, but also in the establishment and implementation of shopping arcades. Fashion-conscious men and fashion-conscious ladies will certainly find what they're looking for in Munich on the numerous shopping malls. You should especially emphasize the shopping arcade Hofstatt. This shopping arcade is located in the heart of Munich and combines fashion, as well as furniture stores and restaurants. Modern decoration shops as well as first-class luxury shops can be found in this shopping arcade which you should try with the Escort Service Munich.
If one speaks of luxury and diversity, then one should also include the five courts. Again, this is a shopping arcade that provides 17,500 square meters. The five yards offer an interesting mix of lifestyle, fashion, and art and enjoyment. With some time, every visitor can explore beautiful clothing shops as well as decoration shops. The Stachus passages surprise with a whole new way of shopping. An underground and central shopping experience can be enjoyed by every visitor at the Stachus Passagen. Of course, interested customers are also offered the luxury shops. 
Those who value laid-back shopping are in the shopping mall Kaufingertor right. Guests are offered a nice atmosphere in the middle of the city.
If you are traveling to Munich, you should also deal more intensively with traditional costumes. Of course, you get these in Munich enough. Many traditional traders offer their beautiful clothes to the customers. Both in the numerous shopping arcades as well as in small hidden shops in the city centre, you can buy traditional costumes.

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