6 Regular Checks to Do on Your Car

  • Written by News Feature Team

You can wait for problems to occur and then start paying to fix them, but why go through that trouble when you can take preventative measures for your vehicle? Whether you have a company car, a car you drive on long road trips every week or a vehicle that is only used on occasion, there are certain checks that you should do in order to keep your car in good condition.

1. Check the oil levels

You should check the oil levels to ensure you have enough oil in your car. If you are running low, take it to a mechanic to get the oil topped up. You shouldn't buy oil yourself and attempt to do it unless you are absolutely certain you know which type of oil is being used. Each year, take your car to a professional to have routine oil and filter change - this will maintain the performance of your car and make it easier to sell in the future.

2. Check the wipers

You can buy windscreens in Port Macquarie and you can also buy wipers to go with them. You probably won't need to have the full windscreen changed on a regular basis, but if you notice that the wipers aren't wiping the rainwater off very well, you should get these changed. On average, you will need to change the wipers every 18 months or so, but it depends on how often you are driving and how often it rains where you live.

3. Check the screen wash

This is something that you can do yourself at home, but you will probably need to top up your screen wash levels every 3-4 months or so. It depends on how often you need to wipe the windscreen, and this often depends on how much you are driving and what type of weather conditions you are driving in and the roads you are on. If you are driving on busy or wet roads most of the time, you will use a lot of screen wash to clear any dirt off the windscreen. This might need topping up every month, whereas if you only drive your car on occasions, you might be able to go six months to a year without needing to refill.

4.    Check for rust

You should check your car every month or so to see if there is any rust, particularly if it is left outdoors overnight. There are various factors that will contribute towards your car rusting, including rain and bad weather, dirt and general wear and tear. If you notice any rust on your car, get the bodywork repaired or touched up before it gets worse.

5.    Check the tyres

You should also make sure your tyres are in good condition, particularly if you are making a long road trip or will be using your car a lot over the next few days. You may need to have the tyres replaced if they are wearing down – lots of fast driving or city driving can wear your tyres down quickly, resulting in the need to replace them every year or so.

6.    Check the interior

As well as making sure oil levels and other engine levels are all good, you should check the interior of your car, such as the seats, steering wheel and floor mats. These may be torn or ripped in places, especially if you have back seats that you don't often sit on yourself. It's worth checking the whole interior of your car every month or so just to make sure nothing needs to be fixed.