3 Challenges Facing The Power Grid In The Near Future

  • Written by News Company

The power grid is a necessary and unseen part of our daily lives. When everything is running as expected, we forget that it exists. We are all so used to electricity running our daily lives and helping us in thousands of ways that we take it for granted. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a competent range of workers continually ensuring that we are gifted reliable energy day in and day out.

This doesn’t come without effort. New revolutions in energy usage have posed their own risks, despite the absolute good they seem to offer. The challenges facing the power board are as follows:


Solar does promise to completely revolutionize the manner in which we think about our electrical usage. However, power grid companies have suggested that plenty of the solar energy accumulated is, unfortunately, being wasted. This is due to a lack of being able to store that power. Also, recently it was stated that the usual flow of solar power throughout the day has changed the manner in which workers must prepare for intense power usage periods. Usually, power is in most need during the morning, and around 7-10pm, with 3am-7am staying the least intensive time. Due to the sun being most present at noon and throughout the afternoon hours, the infrastructure has to work overtime in the day in order to utilize and keep the solar energy. One of the problems with this is the lack of solid:


Our power grid is heavily due an upgrade. The thing is that no one fully understands how solar storage could work to power us all during the night, and for that reason development is slow. We are on the crest of transitioning from one power source to another, and before anything is implemented energy companies are hesitant to enact solutions and invest millions of dollars in a remedy if they know it might become useless within a matter of years. For this reason, power companies are proving to stall progress until real tangible solutions are made.


Bitcoin mining is one of the most interesting developments of the technological era. Mathematical and unique currency is proving to be the decentralized currency of the future, but generating it requires a hefty computing presence and of course, the use of energy provided by specialist mine power rental companies. This has recently accounted for 5% of the electrical usage in our society in total. This is an excellent service proving to add profitability and income for many people and businesses alike, but in total this raises the need for round the clock power support, potentially once again changing the peak times that workers have to stay compatible with. This is neither bad nor good, just different, and as the times change you might see power companies adjust their requirements, legislation, or even the legal code changing to accommodate newer and more appropriate action to face this problem.

Power has never been guaranteed, but it faces fresh challenges in the modern day. To stay informed we’d recommend following trends in solar, bitcoin mining and the capacity to update our infrastructure.