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Looking For The Best Spinning Reels and Rods

  • Written by Editor

Who doesn’t love fishing?

Wait, shouldn’t the question go “who does like fishing?” From what I can remember, a majority of people (except for big-bellied dads) do not particularly like the activity. Don’t get me wrong; nothing is wrong with learning how to fish. It’s actually a pretty productive hobby. However, we cannot deny the fact that a lot of people aren’t that into it.

And I probably know the reason why.

Fishing is a sport and a skill – a very good one, at that. But people can’t seem to realize this. To them, the act of swinging a rod and reeling in fish is something old people do to pass the time. Well, I’ll have you know that this isn’t all there is to fishing. And I tell you, not everyone can do it. You need to have the right skills and experience to successfully reel in a good catch (check this out). It’s a challenging sport that teaches us patience, technique, and persistence.

Fishing is a lot more challenging than you know. And the very first thing you need is good equipment.

That’s right. It’s always better to start prepared. Here’s why.

Why Do I Need Good Equipment?

Your first fishing experience is crucial to your fishing career. Let’s just say that it’s kind of like a “make it or break it” moment for you. When you start out good, you will develop interests in the sport. If you start out bad, then there’s a good chance you’ll drop the whole idea completely. In order to make sure that you get the best out of your very first fishing voyage, you have to make sure that you are well-equipped.

When I was young, I remember mimicking the way my father casts his rod. He seemed to really enjoy the activity. As a curious child who looks up to his parent, I guess you can say that I couldn’t wait for the day to come when my old man would finally take me on a fishing trip.

When that certain day came, I was overwhelmed with excitement. In fact, I was a little too excited that I end up leaving our packed lunch at home (I can still remember my dad’s furious face back then). Don’t worry though. We ended up with buying sub. Anyway, we went to the local fishing docks and my father gave me a beginner’s rod. It was a nice rod now that I look back but I didn’t want something so plain and childish. Not to mention, the spinning reel looked pretty lame. You see, I liked to think that I was an adult back then and I refused to be treated like a child. I did not accept my beginner’s rod and pressed my dad to give me something like his. I insisted that I was ready.

But clearly I was not.

My dad simply said “Give it a go then” while handing me his favorite fishing tool. Mimicking his stance, I cast the rod as hard as I could. Next thing I know, my face was on the floor and I had a terrible wedgie. The hook got caught in my shorts and that made me fall hard.

Then he just said “Now you know.”

From then on, I never ever tried to challenge my father’s better judgement again. Luckily, that wasn’t enough to make me hate fishing. In fact, I was even more challenged to take it up seriously.

Anyway, going back to equipment, it’s very important that you choose something that fits your level. Learning and earning the experience takes time so there is really no shame in starting small. If you’re a beginner, start with beginners’ equipment. If you think it’s time to level up, then invest in better equipment.

How To Choose Good Equipment

Brands aside, it is best that you know how to gauge quality based on how the equipment is put together. You have to consider everything – from the materials used, the construction, and the way everything is held together. In fishing, two of the most important tools are durable rods and the best spinning reels. Get both of these correct and you’re guaranteed to have good time fishing.

It is important that you choose something that is made of reinforced material. You may not know this but fish are heavy! And your job clearly doesn’t end when they catch the bait. If anything, it starts there. You need to have a good set of equipment if you’re going to make it as a fisher out there.

Best of luck!