Are Music Events Overcharging Us?

  • Written by News Company
Music events have become so much more popular over the last few years. You’ve got small and friendly music events, they definitely don’t overcharge. But step it up a notch and you’ve got concerts and festivals to content with. The price you have to pay to see some of your favourite people perform and to have a good time is absolutely crazy. You hear the rumours of tickets being released, you go to have a mooch, and you’re hit with a bill that a lot of people actually can’t afford. But, are music events actually overcharging us, or are they just charging what they need to to make a profit? Let’s explore.

Their Costs

What people don’t realise is that these shows cost a hell of a lot to set up. There’s so many different elements to it. You’ve got the venue hire for one which definitely doesn’t come cheap. Big stadiums and arenas charge event companies through the nose to have some of the most famous people in the world play at their venues. Then there’s the cost of hiring things such as lighting  like this specialist event lighting company. All the different stage props that might be needed cost an absolute fortune. There’s things to consider such as event security, merchandise stands, extra dance performers, the wages of all of the crew involved in making a concert successful etc. The list could go on and on with the amount of things they have to pay for! Then there’s the factor of the performer actually paying themselves to make sure they get a nice bit of profit at the end of it. This takes up quite a lot of the money. Some of which is made through marketing and sponsorships, but the majority of it is coming from the tickets you’re purchasing. Just like you going to your day job, this is the only way they’re going to earn money!

Their Risks

There’s always risks involved with putting on such a big show with thousands upon thousands of people there. With things such as festivals, there’s always the risk of drug taking which ultimately falls down to the festival to control. A few people die each year from taking drugs at festivals or other events, and the blame always gets put to the event holders. But if they’re doing as much as they can to police what’s coming in and out, what else can be done!? People are extra crafty with how they sneak things in, and it often wouldn’t be caught unless companies decided to breach human rights. As for concerts, there’s always the safety risk with things such as terror or gang attacks. People sadly lost their lives last year at a concert in Manchester, UK, after a terror attack was carried out. So whilst they might be charging you a fortune, the security they have in place is always amazing. There’s also the risk of the whole show being cancelled for them, which could potentially cost them hundreds of thousands to sort. Sometimes performers are too ill, have family issues etc. which means they can’t follow through. They have to have some form of money protection in case this happens.