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Solo Travel Is Becoming More Popular: How To Do It Yourself

  • Written by News Company

There’s nothing quite like booking a holiday. Knowing the date that you’re flying gives you something to count down to, and once you start to look ahead to your break, you become more and more excited. The excitement can mix with apprehension though, if this is your first time travelling alone.

When people choose to go on a break, they usually pick their loved ones, partners or friends to go with them. Firstly, there’s safety in numbers. A big group of people having fun together is less likely to be approached or robbed than a single woman travelling by herself. Secondly, excursions like are usually far more fun when you have someone that you know alongside you to share it with. The thing is, sometimes the best travel companion that you can have is you. It’s an experience that is not only liberating, it rewards you with so many experiences and over the years, more and more people are turning to solo travel as their main way to go.

You have a very limited amount of time and cash to spend on travel, but you do have a whole world of possibilities out there. If Australia is on your bucket list, here are some of the top tips that you need if you should choose to go it alone and see the country you’ve been pining after.

Be Prepared. The first thing that you need for your travels – any travels – is insurance. You need enough to cover you for the emergencies, such as stolen passports and cash, and for things like medical emergencies. You also need to have the right visa to travel on, and you can read about that here.

Choose Tours. There are so many tours that you can go on across Australia and the one we mentioned above as a short tour is just breathtaking. For something a little longer, why not have a look at the numerous bus travel options that are available to you? You’ll make new friends, see new sights and experience things that are all on your bus route.

Choose Hostels. Hostels are an excellent community place to meet people in Australia, and they’re filled with people in the same travel boat as you. You’re all travelling either alone or in small groups, and you get a chance to crack open a beer while watching that sunset.

Take Time For You. Travelling by yourself – regardless of the hostels or bus tours you take – is a chance to spend some time quietly appreciating you. You can take a moment to understand a little more about you, push your own boundaries and develop new interests simply by taking time alone.

Boosted Confidence. Travelling by yourself is a huge deal and your confidence can grow massively purely because once you’ve made that decision and booked your trip, there’s little scarier than that!

At least once in your life you need to take the plunge and go it alone – it’s more popular than ever because it’s something you only really do once. Make your trip count!

The Road Trip Mistakes You Won’t Want to Make

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Hitting the road is all about freedom and enjoying what comes your way as you go. That’s one of the things that make the road trip so iconic and so appealing to so many people around the world. You should work hard to avoid the mistakes that people so often make on road trips though. Some of them can really dent your experience and leave you with regrets. So read on now to find out about some of the most common road trip mistakes and why you shouldn’t make them.

Driving With Damaged or Inadequate Lights

You don't want to end up hitting something, going off the road or getting pulled over by the police because your vehicle lights aren’t up to scratch. It’s something that’ll put a real dampener on your road trip, so you should think about this before you leave. If you want to find out more about the best additional lights for your car, you can view here. And if you have damaged lights, be sure to replace them as soon as possible.

Planning Things Too Strictly

Planning things out when you’re heading on a trip is never a bad thing, but there is such a thing as heading on a trip that’s too planned out. The problem with this is that you end up doing things that you planned and ignoring all the other things that pop up along the way. That’s obviously not what you want to happen, so you need to be careful with it. Leave some room in your schedule.

Failing to Stop and Appreciate Your Surroundings

Stopping and appreciating all the things that are around you is really important, but it’s all too easy to drive past at high speeds and not really make the most of the stunning surroundings you find yourself in. That will only make your drive more boring and less interesting, so you need to make sure that you take the time to stop and see what’s going on around you.

Underestimating the Costs

There are many costs that need to be covered when you’re heading off on a road trip, so make sure that you work these out before you leave. Many people assume that they won’t have to spend any money, but that’s not the case. The fuel for the car along is going to be pretty expensive for you and you should try to be prepared for that.

Not Preparing for Moments of Boredom

There are always going to be brief moments of boredom when you don’t have much to do and you’re not the one whose turn it is to drive. You need to plan for those moments of boredom by making sure that you have something to do. You can bring a book, plan the music or do whatever else you want to do. But don’t leave yourself with no options.

Road trips can be a lot of fun, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time with yours, but you also shouldn’t underestimate just how much strain they can place on you and the preparation that’s needed. You don’t want to make any of these crucial mistakes, so get thinking about how to avoid them today.

Campervans and caravans – should you buy used or new?

  • Written by Stratton Finance

There’s no doubt that the best way to explore Australia is to get back to nature and hit the nation’s campsites and campgrounds. But to do that you’re going to need a decent campervan or caravan and we’re sure you’re well aware, those things don’t come cheap. Of course, you can save some dollars and opt for a pre-owned caravan but is it worth the savings? Let’s take a look at the aspects you’ll need to take into account before making that decision.



It doesn’t take someone with a degree in accounting to figure out that used campervans are indeed cheaper than their new counterparts. And that new caravan is going to lose quite a bit of its value the moment you hitch it up and take it for its first trip. However, you also have to bear in mind that when buying used, you may have to fork out for repairs sooner rather than later. Remember too that although a new caravan might be pricier, if you opt for caravan finance, you can spread the cost over a longer period of time.



Now, one of the biggest benefits of buying a new campervan is that everything inside and outside is brand new and untouched. No one has slept in the bed, the cooker is clean as a whistle, and you can be quite sure there have been no mini-parties hosted within its small confines. You also get to choose the size and features that you want in your caravan.


Choose a used caravan on the other hand and your choices are limited to what’s currently available on the market. You also have to be very careful with regards to wear and tear and be on the lookout for any tell-tale signs that the caravan has been put through the mill. Buy the wrong one and your savings on the purchase price could disappear in repair bills.


The Custom Order

If you want to custom order a campervan, you know you have to go for a new one. You get to pick and choose exactly what you want and have the entire thing made to order.

But guess what? This option isn’t limited to new campervans and caravans. These days we’re seeing more and more people buying old caravans and using the savings on the purchase price to modify it to their tastes. In fact, if you really have a custom build in mind, then this could be the cheapest option.



And last but by no means least we come to the warranty. It’s a sticking point with used vehicles of all kinds and although some dealers will offer short three or six-month warranties on used caravans, the security of a long-term warranty is much more preferable.

However, if you opt for a new caravan or campervan don’t assume that the warranty will cover everything. Be very careful and read the fine print. Some dealers have restrictive conditions in their warranties particularly if you opt for caravan finance from the dealer. They may require you to only use their dealership for servicing and maintenance or put limits on the items covered under warranty. Like we said, always read the fine print.

So in answer to the question ‘should you buy new or used?’ that all depends on your needs and desires. If you want to keep spending to a minimum, then you can of course opt for used but remember those repairs. If, however, you want all the latest tech and mod cons then buying new is, of course, your best bet. And remember that if you finance your purchase, it might be a lot more affordable than you think.

As Australia's largest car finance broker, Stratton Finance know a thing or two about loans and finance. With over two decades of experience in the field they are one of the most trusted authorities in the industry.


What You Need to Know About Car Rental Age Requirements

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Countries throughout the world all have different age requirements for when a person is legally allowed to drive. However, what many people don't realize is that these same age requirements don't necessarily line up with age requirements imposed by car rental agencies. Naturally it will never be less than the minimum legal driving age, but in many countries the minimum age you can when renting a car is five to seven years older than the average minimum legal driving age.


And your age won't always be the only requirement imposed by Rentabomb - Cheap car hire Melbourne Airport agencies around the world.


Car Rental Age Requirements are Independently Assessed


The age requirements for car rentals will never be less than the minimum legal driving age of the country you're driving in, but each agency is free to set their own minimum requirements. Meaning that just because one agency is willing to rent vehicles to 18-year old drivers you shouldn't assume they all do. Each agency is able to impose their own rules and restrictions, and these should always be checked before you make a booking.


Car Rental Agencies are Also Bound by National Laws


While each car rental agency is able to set their own terms, conditions, and restrictions, these must still - at a minimum - comply with the national laws of each country they operate in. The minimum legal driving age of your own country might be 18-years, but if you're trying to rent a car in a foreign country, the legal driving age could be higher. If you're in Europe and plan on driving through multiple countries, you should check the legal driving age for each country first.


Driver Surcharges Could Still Apply


Car rental agencies that allow drivers younger than 25-years of age to rent a car may still impose a driver surcharge, which is calculated in addition to any quote you receive before booking a vehicle. The reason for the surcharge is the risk-category younger drivers fall into as determined by insurers.


Excess or Liability Insurance Might be Compulsory


Leading on from the previous point, in addition to paying a driver surcharge, younger drivers may also be forced to purchase excess or liability insurance. This policy doesn't apply to all car rental agencies, and might not even be mentioned in the quote you receive, so if you are younger than 25-years you should contact the agency beforehand to enquire about any such requirement.


You Could be Limited to Only Renting Certain Cars


Most car rental agencies won't impose many restrictions on the economy or basic category of vehicles, but your age will probably lock you out from renting any premium or luxury vehicles. This is, again, a condition that will differ from one agency to the next, and should be considered before making a booking.


Senior Drivers Could Face Similar Restrictions


While not common, there are car rental agencies that also impose a maximum age limit on drivers, usually around 70-75 years of age. Sometimes this is a self-imposed restriction, but it could also depend on the laws of the country. And just as younger drivers could face compulsory insurance and driver surcharges, these terms may also apply to senior drivers above a certain age.

A guide for job hunting in Australia

  • Written by Sarah Bennett

Whether a person is studying or through with his/her studies, they are always looking for a part time or full time job. Digitization has shrunk the world, turning it into one big job market. One need not be restricted to their city, state or even country when looking for a job as the world can be the limit.


Working outside your comfort zone opens up a person’s horizon. The exposure to different cultures, people, their style of living, talking and interacting, helps make a person more tolerant, open and sensitive to other people and their lifestyles.


If one is keen to explore the “down under” as Australia is popularly called, here are a few tips to keep in mind when job hunting.

How to search for a job?


Finding a job in Australia can be done fairly easily if the correct portals are accessed. Make sure your C.V. is up to date before you start your search for your dream job. Following ways can be explored for finding a job in Australia.


· Online:


A lot of companies post their recruitment requirements online. Keeping a track of Australian companies you would like to work for, can help you apply for any opening that is posted on their website.


Another option is to sign up with websites that cater to your specific profile recruitments. They will keep posting jobs related specifically to your field and this helps in easing out as well widening the search for a job.


· Newspapers:


Getting access to Australian newspapers can help you simplify your search. The job postings in the newspaper are a quick way of finding out about local companies. These companies might not be popularly known but still would match your work profile. Maximum postings are done in Saturday newspapers so one should ensure getting their hands on these ones.


· Links and contacts:


Getting in touch with people for recruitment in Australia through your links and contacts via social networking websites is another way of expanding your reach and search for a job.


· Recruitment agencies:

There a lot of recruitment agencies based in and out of Australia that can help you land a job in Australia based on your qualifications and experience. They will obviously charge you a commission but if one is in a hurry or does not have any contacts, then going this way would be fruitful.


· Personal contacts:


If one has friends and/or family working in Australia, asking them to forward your C.V. in their known circles can help speed up the job finding process.


· Joining expat groups online:


Becoming a part of expat groups on networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. can help one get access to job openings that come up. Expat groups give you instant access to people from all around the world. A lot of people on these groups post about job openings in their company. Also if you put across your qualifications and search for work, people come back to you if they come across something that might be suitable for you.


· Applying in person:


If you happen to be in Australia, then the best way to find a job especially if you do not plan to settle there, is to go knock on their doors and talk to them face to face. You never know when luck might favor you and you could land up with a job.

Behavioral aspects to keep in mind when job hunting:


People of every country have some very typical personal traits that are common across the country. These are what can help identify and distinguish people from different countries. Let us have a look at a few characteristics that most Australians have.


· Understand the slang:


Thought the spoken language in Australia is English they use a lot of slang language. This makes it hard for a person to understand what they are talking about. Before taking up a job in Australia taking a crash course in Australian slang will not only help you better prepare for your interview, it will make living in Australia also easier.


· It is a close knit local community:


When in Australia, one will come across a lot of locals that are not very tolerant of expat population. Keeping this in mind will not lead to any unpleasant surprises if faced with an adverse situation. Also it is best to avoid any confrontations with locals in public places.


· People are very straight forward:


Australian people are known to be very straightforward and blunt. They believe in calling a spade a spade. During an interview it is best not to try and pull the wool over their eyes. Being honest and to the point during an interview will earn you more brownie points than you can think.


Finding a job in Australia is not an uphill task if the correct approach is followed. You will gain experience for life professionally, which will add great value to your resume. The personal learning and character building are added bonuses of working in a foreign land.

Sarah is a content creator in, a leading online holiday marketplace in Dubai, UAE