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Top Auckland Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

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One of the top attractions when it comes to New Zealand travel is the beaches. This country is home to many of the most legendary beaches in the world, from surfer havens to urban beaches to miles and miles of undeveloped coastline. If you plan on heading out on a campervan hire new zealand journey in order to experience some of these majestic beaches for yourself, then you will be wise to visit Auckland. Not only is this laid back and diverse city a wonderful place to visit but the Auckland region is host to some of the top beaches in the country. When you pull through Auckland, make sure to check out these tremendous beaches.

Anchor Bay

After picking up your campervan hire in Auckland, this glorious beach can be found about an hour’s drive north of the city. Here you will find the absolute perfect surfer’s beach with incredible waves breaking nearly year round. Plus the white sand beaches, refreshing blue waters, and expansive scenery make it overall one of the most impressive beaches in the country, if not the world. There’s even a nature park here in case you wanted to take a break from the waters and enjoy some native greenery. Overall Anchor Bay is an incredible beach experience for both diehard surfers and those just looking for a good beach day.


Easily one of the greatest beaches in the country, Orewa is an absolute must for anyone in search of a traditional New Zealand beach. Here you will find warm, gentle waters and a massive white sand beach able to accommodate many visitors without seeming overcrowded. Runners love this beach since it stretches for a long ways in either direction, and it has been cited as the top beach for family beach days in the country. It really doesn’t get any better than Orewa, so make sure to have it on your bucket list for your stay in the Auckland area.


Piha is without a doubt the most famous beach in Auckland and has come to symbolize the New Zealand beach scene with its unique layout and majestic scenery. Located along the west coast of Auckland, Piha beach is situation on the Waitakere Ranges, giving it the added bonus of mountain scenery right from the distinctive black sands that make up the beach. Plus you have Lion Rock which divides the beach into two distinct sections. All of this combines to create easily the most unique and picturesque beach location in the country. Anybody on a campervan hire new zealand journey would be making a mistake to miss the beach at Piha.  

Cheltenham Beach

He beach at Cheltenham may be small in comparison to some of the other top beaches in the area, but it more than makes up for it with its sweeping views that truly are something you need to see in order to believe. Plus you have the laid back and gorgeous seaside town of Devenport within walking distance which offers the chance for great eating, shopping, and sightseeing. There’s also easy access to the North Head Historic Preserve where you can spot exotic wildlife and enjoy views of the Hauraki Gulf. This is a perfectly well laid out beach that has a lot to offer in terms of both sights and activities.


This beach is accessible by a 35 minute ferry ride that will take you to the majestic Waiheke Island to this gorgeous beach and the pleasant town that overlooks it. There are a wide range of restaurants, bars, and shops to enjoy in town, and right down the hill you will find an expanse of beach that is known as one of the most scenic and inviting in the country. This is a laid back beach that is perfect for a long beach day of sunbathing, swimming, and walking along the expanse of shore admiring the majestic views.
Just north of Orewa you will find one of the prettiest parks in the region, Wenderholm which features a quiet, scenic beach that is the definition of the perfect isolated New Zealand shoreline. This is the perfect place for a picnic, a long hike along the shore, and a nice swim in the calm waters.

There are a great variety of beaches all along the New Zealand coastline that offer unbelievable sights, refreshing waters, and hot sands. This country has some of the absolute best coastline to be found anywhere in the world including long stretches that are free of development and overcrowding. If You’re planning a motorhome hire new zealand journey then you should definitely consider the Auckland area not just because of the exciting city but also the many surrounding beaches that include some of the best to be found in the country. If it’s beaches you’re after, then Auckland has exactly what you need in high quantity.

Berlin shopping miles

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What else does Berlin have to offer? Great sights, interesting people and many fairs, all year round. But that does not stop diversity in Berlin. Because the city can also offer many fabulous shopping opportunities. Leading the list is the Kurfürstendamm. This street is the most important shopping mile of Berlin. In addition to restaurants, new fashion houses and trendy fashion chains can be found on the street. If you travel to Berlin to go shopping, you should not neglect the Kurfürstendamm. 
The sensations are not only on the Kurfürstendamm, but also the Friedrichstraße can offer a lot and show. Likewise the Schloßstraße. Here, too, lively shopping centres again. Emphasize not only the shopping miles in Berlin, but also the department store of the West. Known as KaDeWe, every visitor can enjoy the luxury here. Even in Eastern times, this department store was legendary. Even today, visitors and locals can enjoy the luxury in this department store and enjoy the treasures of the region and the world. Further shopping miles in Berlin are located on the following streets:
•Schönhauser Allee
• Carl-Schurz-Straße
• Karl-Marx-Straße
• Torstraße
• Wilmersdorfer Strasse
Exciting places in Berlin
The shopping streets and the many public attractions are good places to spend time in Berlin with the High Class Escorts Berlin, but the real sensations are not on public roads. If you really want to explore Berlin, you should use the path to the deserted places. There are some in Berlin. Including the leaving amusement park in Plänterwald. Today it serves as an attraction and is often explored by tourists. Also worth seeing is the old listening station on the Teufelsberg.

There are sensations and attractions in Berlin so to see some. Therefore, visitors should not only spend a day in the city, but use the way and treat yourself to a luxury hotel. These are also plentiful in Berlin.

Cairns To Cammooweal: Top Campervan Stops

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There are many different routes across the rugged and beautiful country of Australia. Most travelers will tell you that Australia is the top destination in the world for road trips, featuring an incredibly diverse range of terrain and activities. For anyone taking a campervan hire trip across the northern part of the country, the route from Cairns to Cammooweal is definitely a path to consider. There are a variety of stops on this route that make it truly one of the most colorful and exciting drives in the country, which is saying a lot considering all the possibilities to be found in Australia. If you decide to take this route on your journey, make sure to schedule in these stops so that you get a true feel for the region.


Just because you’re beginning your journey here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hang out in Cairns for a while. This waterfront town is aesthetically pleasing, offering 360 degree panoramic ocean vistas and miles of unspoiled coastline. There is much to do in Cairns, including some of the best snorkeling in the world and white water rafting in the region’s wild rivers. The town itself is vibrant and bustling, offering an abundance of eating opportunities, interesting shopping options, and nightlife. For decades backpackers and travelers have been discovering the benefits of this region. Cairns is a laid back and diverse town with lots to do and see. It is entirely well worth spending some time here.


When it comes to tropical paradises, the Townsville region is pretty much the picture perfect example. With an abundance of beaches and marinas, this is a sunny beach town of the highest order. The town itself features a historic railway station plus plenty of museums where you can learn about the colorful past of this region. Just like with Cairns, the locals here are laid back and friendly, and the culture is vibrant and diverse. There are many great places to eat, and abundance of boutiques, and some great beachfront bars to visit. This is easily one of the most gorgeous towns in all of Australia.

Charter Towers

At Charter Towers you can experience the phenomenon that was the area’s gold rush era. This was once the second largest town in all of Queensland but has long since been abandoned as the gold rush faded. Unlike other ghostly mining towns, however, this one is still occupied and is a bustling small town. Many of the old buildings have been preserved and some even restored, so you can really get a feel for what Charter Towers was like during its heyday. This town has been referred to as a living museum since it is still a thriving town that exists the shell of the old mining village. If you’re looking for some diversity and history, then you should definitely pull your campervan hire up to Charter Towers.


This is the heart of dinosaur country where some of the oldest fossils have been found on the edge of what once was an inland sea. Check out the Flinders Discovery Centre to see a wide variety of these fossils plus a massive dinosaur skeleton that was discovered here and skyrocketed the region to international fame. A complete history of the dinosaur activity in the region is presented at the Centre, and you can easily spend a full day browsing the discoveries and imagining what this area must have been like all those millions of years ago. Some of the rarest and most fascinating bones and fossils are on display, and the Centre is well organized and expertly laid out for education and entertainment.

Julia Creek

This was once a stopping point for overlanders, making it essential for anyone interested in the history of the region. These days it is a massive trucking yard where you can witness the modern day overlanders at work. There are a number of fantastic swimming spots in the region as well, including the Punch Bowl Waterhole which is locally famous for its refreshing, cool water and safety. This is also where the first copper mines in the country were located, several of which are open for fascinating tours that will give you a taste of the miner’s life of the old days. Julia Creek is a rugged and gorgeous stretch where you can really digest a lot of regional history.

The drive from Cairns to Cammooweal is an absolute must for anyone taking a campervan hire journey across northern Australia. From the tropical settings of the northern shore to the mining towns and dinosaur country of the inland, this drive takes you across a diverse array of terrains and territories with many different sights and activities to check out along the way. Find out why so many thousands of travelers make this drive each year.

An Indonesian Road Trip, What You Need to Know Before Setting Off

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Setting off on an Indonesian road trip could prove to be the trip of your lifetime, but only if you plan and prepare for this trip in all the proper ways. And, fortunately, advice when it comes to knowing what to know before you set off as well how to plan for your road trip in all the proper ways can be found below. So, make sure you read on before you get your flight over to Southeast Asia, pack your car and set off on the road.

Plan, and plan well!

If you want to truly make the most out of your Indonesian road trip, then you're going to have make sure you plan each mile of it meticulously. You need to do this, simply, because there will be large gaps between the cities and tourist attractions that you drive to and through, meaning you’ll be left with a lot of time on the road without much to see or much to do. So, you must plan what you are going to do to save you from both boredom and from running your trip.

Specifically, you should plan your road trip into sections, making sure to take regular two to three days along the way. By doing so, and by going off the beaten track when you do, you will give yourself the chance to see a lot more during your time on the road that will mean none of your time on your trip is wasted. If you find your trip taking you though Bali (which it should), then checking out the not-so-touristy areas of Lovina and Ubud should most certainly come into your plans.

Something else that you should also be doing when putting your plans into place is to avoid main roads as often and as well as you can. You should do so because Indonesia is famous for its traffic, and there is nothing worse than traffic, especially when you are supposed to be on a road trip and enjoying yourself! What’s more, you might want to avoid the noxious fumes that are rife in this part of the world. So, you should most definitely be going off the beaten track!

Prepare to see some crazy things

Road tripping in Indonesia will mean you will see your fair share of crazy things, and you should most definitely be prepared for them. For instance, you are likely to see a heard of Indonesia cattle being, well, hearded almost anywhere in the country, city or countryside. Also, you would be very likely to see vehicles that are seemingly carrying much more than they probably should.

The more you prepare to see all of these crazy things, the better prepared you’ll be to act completely normal when you do see them. And, that could be the difference between you staying safe on the road, and you veering into danger.

Understand that Indonesian roads are more dangerous than any you've probably driven on before

Speaking of staying safe on the road, you will have your work cut out for you when you try to do so. You will have your work cut out for you because the roads in Indonesia are famously as dangerous, or maybe even more dangerous, than any other roads in the world. There are the previously mentioned overloaded vehicles, typically trucks. There are bus drivers that are, to put it bluntly, quite crazy when it comes to driving. There are mopeds that are carrying five times the amount of people that they should be. So, as you can probably tell, the roads aren’t the best. But, you can stay safe, if you keep your wits about you.

Know the costs

The costs of road tripping through Indonesia aren’t necessarily that big, but you should know them all the same so as to ensure that you budget for the trip correctly.

If you want to rent a motorbike for a stretch of your trip, or even all of it, then you should expect to pay between Rp120,00 to Rp170,000 for each day that you use the vehicle. And, accommodation, as evidenced in the price of rental properties on, will probably set you back about Rp50,000 for each night that you stay if you stay somewhere considered to be far more on the budget side of pricing. If you are far pickier with your accommodation desires, then you could spend anything from Rp250,000 to Rp500,000 per night. Basically, it all depends on your budget and what you want out of your accommodation.

Know where and what to eat

If you want to turn your Indonesian road trip into a culinary adventure, then you're going to have to know where to eat and what to eat. And, what this means is that you might just have to go off the beaten track from time to time ignorer to find all the gifted street chef’s that Indonesia has to offer, and this is how you’re going to get a true taste of this part of the world. Yes, this means forgoing all the big, flashy, five-star restaurants that you see dotted around the city and instead opting for street stalls and smaller restaurants, especially if they offer plenty of seafood. You see, there is no better culinary choice in Indonesia than seafood, as it’s predominantly all so fresh and all treated with such respect.

If you're a bit of a fussy eater, however, just know that there are plenty of culinary choices in Indonesia that will quite literally cater to your needs. This is because there are plenty of restaurants in Indonesia that offer both typical European dishes and typical Chinese dishes, meaning you'd undoubtedly always be able to find a little taste of home.

When it comes to the cost of food in Indonesia, those that is served outside of the main cities, expect to have to pay Rp60,000 per day. In the city, you could have to stump up between Rp100,000 and Rp150,000 a day.

Pack right, pack light

When going on any road trip, no matter where it is in the world, you would have to pack light if you wanted to pack right. And, in Indonesia, especially when your road trip entails bike riding, then in order to curtail to your road tripping needs you would have to pay light. You’d have to wear heavy clothes as often as you can and only carry essentials with you. But, because you're in a place that offers up so many beautiful beaches, make sure to pack your beach stuff.

How to keep your funds up

Any type of road trip will cause your funds to deplete, but there are normally ways to keep your funds up. However, in Indonesia, don’t count on it! Yes, in Indonesia, even when you have the necessary working visas, you will find it a struggle to get work and keep your funds up. You see, there aren’t many chances for people looking for work, especially those that are foreign in the country, to find the work they are looking for.

Keeping up with the outside world

You may want to escape from the outside world during your Indonesian road trip, but whether you wanted to or not you should know that the Internet in Indonesia is, erm, not so good! Yep, Indonesian Internet and WiFi is patchy at best, especially when you travel further and further away from the main areas of tourism.

Where to go

On your Indonesian road trip you're going to want to experience all the delights that this beautiful country has to offer, right? You're going to want to soak in all the liveliness, all the bars, all the music and all the skyscrapers in Singapore. You’re going to want to experience all the adventures, and the alleys that plays host to them, that Yogyakarta has to offer. And you're going to want to enjoy the paradise that is Bali. By hitting all of these areas on your road trip you’ll undoubtedly have the trip of a lifetime.

Whether you go on your Indonesian road trip via caravan, via car or via motorbike, you’ll be sure to have the absolutely best time possible. Just, when you do embark on your journey, make sure to take heed of all the advice above. Make sure to put your plans into place. Make sure to take enough cash out with you. Make sure to expect the unexpected. And, most importantly, make sure to try and see everything that Indonesia has to offer, and make sure to try everything it has to offer, too.

Buying a Caravan: What You Need to Know

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One of the best ways to road trip is in a caravan. You get the comfort of a full bed and a place to stay every night while also being able to travel to your destinations in style. If you are considering an RV purchase, there are some things you want to know when looking for caravans for sale.

Our Tips for Buying an RV

Just as you would take your time while looking for a car, you want to also do your research while shopping for an RV. Yet, unlike a car, there are many more things that matter when buying a caravan. The following tips will help you to make an informed decision before purchasing your RV.

Will you pay your vehicle in full or will you be making monthly payments?

If you’ve been saving up for such a large investment, you may be perfectly ready to pay your new RV in full—especially if you’ve been lucky to find a great price. Yet, for some people, monthly payments may be the best way for them to live out their RV dream.

If you want to buy a caravan on payments, you will want to make sure that your credit score is doing well. You may discover that you won’t be able to go down this payment route if it isn’t. Another thing to consider is how much you can truly afford to pay on a monthly basis. Consider an amount that is lower than what you could actually pay monthly. Many people want to hurry up and get payments over with but they end up overwhelmed with costs.

Consider how much it will cost for upkeep on a monthly basis.

Beyond the monthly payments, you will discover that there are other monthly expenses that come along with owning an RV. Just as with any vehicle, you will need to pay insurance, possibly parking spaces, and if you will be using it regularly, you will need to be sure to take it for frequent maintenance checkups. Throw in some possible breakdowns or mechanic work that it could need every now and then, and you’ll find that the monthly upkeep may be more than you could have imagined.

When you’re not on the road, where will you keep your RV?

You may be super excited about a road trip in an RV and have already planned which RV parks you’ll stay at. What about when you’re not traveling? Do you have space in your driveway? Are you allowed to park an RV in your neighborhood? Do your research concerning the laws and rules in your area. If you can’t park it at home, do you have an alternative that won’t cost you an arm and a leg?

Do your research on how much the kind of RV you want to buy should cost.

Many times, salespeople will want to pull the wool over your eyes and make more money by fooling you. This tends to happen with people who haven’t researched how much the potential RV should cost.

Before purchase, you will want to find out as much as possible by researching online, going to various lots where they have caravans for sale, and you will want to negotiate the price. More often than not, RV’s are priced much higher than they should be, so you can most likely negotiate with dealers to get it down to a fair price.

Look into the construction and build of the potential RV.

Most RV’s look as pretty as can be. They are built to look luxurious and inviting yet before you go about purchasing that gorgeous RV, look closer. You want to check the quality of the materials of the interior. That countertop may look fabulous, but is it built to last and take spills, etc.? Will those pretty shelves hold up when in use? It’s important to consider how well the caravan has been constructed before you put down money. If you plan on selling the RV in the future, a poorly built RV could mean that you lose a lot of money.

These above facts may at first have you reconsidering your desire to buy an RV. While they are definitely things you want to know before you go shopping, with research and caution, you can find yourself a great deal and enjoy the benefits of traveling in a caravan.

What could be better than planning for a trip to your favorite destinations? Road trips can be the most satisfying way to see a country. You get to see things and places that you wouldn’t otherwise and can enjoy the scenery along the way.

If you have made the decision to go “mobile” and to invest in an RV, you won’t regret it. Just keep the above factors in mind and take your time while shopping around for caravans for sale. There is nothing quite traveling the nation in search of adventure and beauty. Happy traveling!