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If you run a small team you’ll know already how important your connectivity is. Whether we’re talking about instant messaging services, task software or shared database, being networked and in contact with one another is how your team achieves so much of its work.

So it’s vital that your network is protected at all costs from cyber crime and anyone who seeks to damage you by introducing malware or phishing software.

In general your robust anti-virus software and firewall should take the hit but now and again you’ll accidentally open an email or hit a link to an unsafe page and you’ll find you have an infected hard drive.

If this was just one computer, you might get away with it but it’s all too easy for these prolific viruses to spread through a network bringing chaos in their wake.

Now is the time to put in place some robust defenses to protect your network and ultimately your business.

First of all have a full run down on the protective software you’re using. Check that it’s up to date and not due an upgrade, and then have each computer in your system scanned for viruses and malware.

If you do come across anything that looks suspicious disconnect that computer immediately, both from the network and the power source. Close it down. You can then work on the hard drive to see if there have been any files corrupted.You will also need to change all passwords so have colleagues use an online password generator to make access even harder.

If you have team members working remotely make sure to avoid public wifi spots that might invite harmful attacks. In general these networks are far from secure and are easy for hackers to use to infiltrate personal or corporate information.Instead use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to carry out private browsing and file sharing to ensure that confidentiality is kept safe.

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming bring in the experts, such as MSS IT Solutions to go through your channels and make sure you’re as safe as you can be.Experts will tell you that it only needs to happen once but it can take months for everything to get back to normal. In an age where hackers can leave bugs that lie dormant or use their skills to trick and fool even the most savvy computer user, vigilance is required at all times.

Having your personal details stolen is inconvenient and embarrassing but having your business grind to a halt as your network becomes slowly disabled could be disastrous.Take a look at some of these tips today to avoid getting caught out. Make sure all your security software is bang up to date, that staff passwords have been changed recently and that you’re aware of what to do as soon as a virus or bugs are detected.

With a few simple precautions you’ll be able to go on working and avoiding any unnecessary dramas or attacks meant to slow you down.

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