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Millions of people from all walks of life yearn for the laptop lifestyle. They need a chance to work online and earn a lot of money so that they can spend time with their families. The internet has made it incredibly easy for people to start very successful ventures online and trade without considering the physical borders of countries. However, there is some work that will need to be done in any form of online business before you can start seeing the results. But that notwithstanding, here is a look at some of the top online businesses you can start in 2019 for maximum profitability and a try at the laptop lifestyle.

Content writing

There are thousands and thousands of businesses who need content on the internet. Content is key to selling anything on the internet. It is important for providing website visitors with the information they need about various products they are interested in. As such, contact creation is crucial, and given that Google acquires websites to have high-quality content for them to get good rankings, content writing is in very high demand. It is one of the businesses you can easily start from home and make a lot of money doing it. All you have to do is to sharpen your writing skills so that you can produce the kind of quality that people will be happy to pay for.

Selling information products

The internet has created so many millionaires out of selling information products. People are constantly searching the internet for solutions to very many things in life. For example, there are so many people searching on the internet on how to lose fat. There are so many people searching for information on how to make money online. These are a few examples of the potential informational products you can create and sell on the internet. It is a fact that if you produce very good quality information on solutions to problems bothering people, then you will make a lot of money out of selling that information. And the good thing is that you don't have to be an expert to sell information products. You can get experts to create it on your behalf so that you only learn how to market them.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the methods you will hear about when people talk about making money online. It is a simple yet very lucrative modality of marketing. With affiliate marketing, all you do is help other people sell their products or services and you are paid based on the commission that you generate. Your commissions may be a fixed amount of money or it could be a percentage of the total sales you generate. The good thing with this form of marketing is that it can be completely passive when you set up the structures right. Again, there so many products you can sell as an affiliate and the earning potential with it is simply unlimited. In other words, can make as much money as you aren't through affiliate marketing.

Drop shipping

Dropshipping is another online business that is highly ideal for 2019. Drop shipping is a result of the growth of e-commerce. Shops are closing and most people nowadays are selling their items over the internet. With drop shipping, your duty is to help to connect buyers and sellers. You pose as a seller, and when somebody makes a purchase, you buy the item from the seller or supplier then have it shipped directly to the buyer. In this case, you don't have to see the product and you don't also have to deal with the inventory. It's a very lucrative way of earning online because you can always increase your margins and make us spend much profit as you aren't. However, there is some training that needs to be done and you must also learn how to market e-commerce product effectively. If you get it right, it can make a lot of money in a very short period of time.

Sports betting firm

Betting has been around for a very long time and you probably know one or two of the Best New Zealand casinos online. However, as a business for 2019, sports betting is one of the things that you should look into if you want to make millions. This is simply because there is an increase in the growth of mobile users as well as internet connectivity. The number of people using their mobile phones to access the internet has surpassed the number of people using a desktop to access the internet. This has created a very nice opportunity in the sense that betting can now be done from the comfort of the mobile phone. People don't have to go to casinos or have a laptop to do it. And with jobs disappearing, and the youth suffering, a good number of them have turned into sports betting as a way to make ends meet. This is why as an investor, you have an enviable chance to make a killing through starting your own sports betting firm.


Just like with creating informational products and selling in the internet, there are thousands of people around the world dying to know what you know. People are literally craving to know what you already know. This creates a very wonderful chance for you to offer coaching or consultation services. All you have to do is establish yourself as an expert in your field and invite people to come and learn from you. The good thing with this kind of business is that it comes with recurring income. For example, you can set up your rates so that people subscribe on a monthly basis for your services. With time, your clients will grow exponentially and it can be assured of earning a fixed amount of income every single month. Again, with the advent of internet and online marketing, it's easy to find people who will be willing to pay top dollars for you to teach them what you know.