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The carpet is one of the dirtiest places in your office. It’s designed to catch all the dirt that you bring in with your footwear, or the fur and animal dander from pets, or just dust deposits from the environment. You may sweep and vacuum your carpet often, but that doesn’t really get to the hard-to-reach dirt deposited in there. It’s quite easy to notice the build-up of foreign materials in there—just compare a covered or relatively new portion of your carpet to the ones exposed to foot traffic. If you really want to get it cleaned, you might want to consider other ways to do so.

Imagine ignoring the accumulating dirt in your carpet. Everytime you come in to the office, you get a whiff of something sour-smelling, the smell of damp, old buildings. One by one, your employees start to get sick, with no clear cause. You regularly suffer from a runny nose, and even the hardiest colleague falls prey to random colds.

You’ve ignored the signs, but it’s finally here: your office carpet is now a petri dish for disease-causing microorganisms, allergens, and more. Perhaps it’s time to consider getting the carpet cleaned with steam cleaning tool like the Steamaster.

With a proper steam cleaner, cleaning up the office carpet is now easier and more affordable. With an actual steam-cleaning machine, you have the luxury of time to go through all your carpet flooring and have them cleaned and maintained the way you’d like it to be. But if that’s not enough to convince you, perhaps the following list of why you should keep your carpets clean could change your mind.

Why Keep the Office Carpet Clean?

Eliminate bacteria, mites, and various allergens

Steam cleaning your office carpet removes the dirt and bacteria deposited deeply in it. As people go in and out of the office, it’s hard to tell what they bring in from the outdoors. It is possible that they’ve already brought in illness-causing bacteria, and these would have settled in your carpet flooring, multiplying in numbers until the employees get sick one by one. Nip the problem in the bud by steam cleaning your carpets on a regular basis. You can have your carpets cleaned regularly, depending on how fast they can get dirtied.

Steam cleaning the carpet also brings a bit of good news to those who regularly suffer from allergies. By using steam, you remove mites that might have taken residence in there, as well as various allergens from the environment that settles in your floors. Anyone could have brought in pollen from plants outdoors. A monthly bring-your-pet-to-work day also generates a substantial amount of fur and animal dander to keep the allergies coming back. Now, you can eliminate those dirt, mites, and other allergens easily, so you can finally bid goodbye to regularly clogged nose, anti-allergy medications, and bouts of sleepiness from these meds.

Improves the quality of air

The carpet covers a large area of the office, you just don’t notice it because it’s out of sight and under your feet. But with a size like that, it could easily affect the whole smell of the room. When you don’t maintain your carpet’s cleanliness, it could easily stink up the whole office area, especially during the wet season when people bring in wet footwear and umbrellas.

Imagine spending 8 hours in a place that smells like a wet dog, and doing that every day of the week. It could easily affect the employees’ productivity, because instead of focusing on work, they’re more preoccupied with stuffing their nose to keep them from smelling the stink of your carpets.

You don’t have to rely too much or air cleaners and air fresheners; just clean your carpet and you’ll immediately notice the difference. The dirt and grime deposits also trap the odor-causing bacteria in you carpet. Once that’s gone and the carpets disinfected from steam cleaning, your office will be smelling like new in an instant. Afterwards, all you need to do is maintain the cleanliness, so that there won’t be a time where you need to clean your floors as hard as you did to keep it from smelling bad.

A clean, good-smelling office also contributes to your employees’ happiness and satisfaction. They’ll feel better and more appreciated because you do your best to keep everything clean, including the carpet flooring. Along with happy employees, you’ll see a boost in productivity and efficiency, which may or may not be caused by having your carpets regularly cleaned.

Improves overall office appearance

If the first thing your visitors notice when they enter your office is the stain from spilled soda during your last office party, perhaps it’s time to get your carpet cleaned. The dirt, grime, and overall discoloration of a dirty carpet can easily turn off prospective clients. It won’t help convince them to trust you with their business, if you can’t even keep your office pleasant-looking. Also, a clean, spotless flooring speaks a lot about your office’s health, and the importance of sanitation in the workplace. These could easily make or break your business, so it’s best to keep your office cleaned regularly.

Prolong the life of your carpet

Do you still remember the time you got your office carpet installed? Whether you answered ‘Yes’ or a ‘No,’ one thing’s for sure, you’ll never forget the price you paid for that. Yup, having carpet flooring, especially on large floor areas like office spaces, costs a lot of money. So even if you flinch from the cost of maintaining them, the thought of paying for a new one definitely sends shivers down your spine. You can prevent stains, dirt, and grime from becoming permanent and shortening the life of your carpet.

From the above mentioned reasons, it’s really important to keep your carpets clean and maintain its pristine condition. Not only will it look good and transform the
whole appeal of your office, it will also keep away bacteria and allergens to keep your employees healthy. Enjoy a better workplace by keeping your carpet flooring cleaned using the handy and reliable Steamaster.

Image -  Christian Chen