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It's an excellent time to be in the construction business.

According to reports online, the U.S. construction market is booming, with a greater demand for qualified professionals to enter the industry. Should you own or work for a construction company, it's a pretty safe bet to suggest that you should do well in the coming months.

However, like a badly played game of Jenga, there is still the chance of failure. As we explored in a previous article, there are reasons why construction companies fail, so you must never take your good fortune for granted. And while we didn't focus on this one subject in that article, you need to know that one of the reasons for failure is a poor reputation. Thanks to social media, business review sites, and good old gossip over a cup of tea, if you do anything to upset your clients, your business might not survive very long. Your construction rivals will only be too happy to take your place and reap the profits when you take a fall.

These are the surefire ways to topple your construction company's reputation. 

#1: Promising what you can't deliver

As we have said, there is a high demand for construction workers today, and consequently, you might have a lot of projects on the go. This is great, but consequently, you might then promise your clients deadlines that are impossible to meet. When work hasn't been completed on time, your clients will be unhappy, and when word spreads, you won't be happy when you hear that your reputation for being late has done the rounds. Our advice is this: Take on less work so you can focus on quality. Once your clients see your good work, and especially when it has been completed on or ahead of time, they will reward you with good word of mouth, and you will see your reputation rise. The client is more likely to hire you again too, so while taking on less work might seem risky, you might actually see your profits rise in the long-term.

#2: Cutting corners and costs

Possibly in an attempt to meet your deadlines, you might be tempted to rush through your projects. Shoddy work will only incur the client's wrath, and it might also gain media attention if what you have created later creates a health and safety risk. As can be seen in the following example, cutting corners in construction can cost lives. Take heed!As well as cutting corners, you might also cut costs, using cheap materials and building equipment in an effort to save money. This is counterintuitive, as not only will it take you longer to do your job if the equipment and materials you use prove useless, but you will have a greater expense when you have to replace them. Therefore, despite the initial expense, use top business material providers and equipment suppliers, because you will a) get work done on time and to good quality, and b) have equipment to hand that you can use for many more years to come. You will also prove your worth to your client because you should be able to meet your deadlines with work that is faultless, and that can only be good for your reputation.


As with every business, your reputation matters. Earn a good reputation, and your business will prosper; earn a bad reputation, and your business will topple to the ground. Make note of our suggestions then, as to take advantage of the construction boom, you need to be in it to win it should you want to make it big.

Thanks for reading.