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Neither a migraine is just a headache, nor are the symptoms of this disease just a persistent pain in the head. People are often confused with these two terms and often equate them. And precisely because headaches are something that we face almost daily, the occurrence of a migraine we often don't notice, and soon it escalates into a very unbearable state.

What are the significant differences between "common" headaches and migraines, find on this link:

A migraine is the type of primary headaches, which means there is no pathological or organic cause. Given that there is no specific cause, there are many theories about why it happens. Weather changes, stress, hormones, and some food can encourage migraines, but their impact is still unclear.

People who suffer a migraine can indeed have serious problems. There's no particular remedy for this pain. So the patient has to act on all aspects of life to influence the symptoms of disease, and chiropractic, combine with other healing methods, should be an essential part for its treating.

Chiropractic Care Can Help


After most people realize that drugs are only a short-term solution, patients often seek help from chiropractors. The fact that they see this healing method as the last hope is the most common result of ignorance and lack of information.

And when patients schedule the first treatment, many expect a miracle, although chiropractic wasn't their first choice. Chiropractic doesn't deal with the treatment of headaches, but with detecting and correcting functional or static disorders of the spine, that can cause this unpleasant condition. More about spinal headaches read here.

These disorders can damage the connective muscle tissue. After that, every single head move forward will burden, not only bone structures, but also the muscles. It prevents further transfer of nerve impulses to your head, causing tension and pain.

Fixing Bad Posture for Migraine Treatment


The spine is the support for the entire body; just imagine how loaded it is every day. Bad posture can cause many health disorders, so "fixing" of the spine can affect the overall health condition too. With chiropractic treatment, the spine’s function can be optimized in which static disorders that cause pressure on neck nerves can be corrected.

This dysfunction affects the movements, but also the sensitivity of our central nervous system due to weaker circulation in it. According to chiropractors, it can cause people suffering migraine to be extremely sensitive to light, noise, and weather conditions.

We have already said that the migraine has many causes, and the dysfunction of the neck vertebra is just one of them. Luckily, it is easy to find out if this bone disorder provokes unbearable headaches. Move your head up and down, back and forward, and finally, into the circle. If any of these movements cause pain, muscle tightness, progressive headache, and dizziness, the cause is apparent.

A particular position of the head makes the muscles in the nape area to shrink and stop the circulation. The blood flow and the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to your central nervous system have been disrupted because of the dislocation of the neck vertebra.

Drugs Won’t Work


Conventional medicine is based on alleviating the consequences rather than treating the cause, which means that you'll never heal a migraine by taking medications. They act on the extension of blood vessels of the neck and bring the instant relief.

But when their effect stops, veins and arteries shrink to their former condition, and block regular blood flow again. Due to poor arterial circulation, a migraine occurs, and your condition is getting worse. Pain relievers and anti-inflammation drugs can be a first aid, but the best results you’ll get if you combine several healing methods.

On this webpage, you can find a list of drugs used for migraine:

Hands Really Can Heal


Chiropractic healing methods can significantly affect the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. Without sharp moves and inconveniences, a skilled chiropractor will locate the neck vertebra, and return it to the proper position. This treatment starts after detailed examination and X-ray diagnostics.

As a migraine is a very persistent disease, the treatment should be the same. Besides regular visits to the chiropractor, patients have to improve the quality of life and include healthy habits, such as daily physical activity and avoiding stress. The body should start the process of self-healing, and the chiropractor is there to stimulate it.