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From need to idea to solution: We make it happen!

As leaders in Content Marketing, Data Feed Marketing, Search and Social Media, News Pronto will ensure that your website has high quality content on its pages as well as on supporting websites that link to it with articles containing high quality hyper links.

Effective SEO writing means that landing pages are found at the right time by the right people. With our services, you will see sustained growth in your sales figures. We will assist you with the right strategy, affordable technology and operational support. We turn content into cash sales for our clients.

News Pronto sets out to help business people to create strong business brands with loyal customers. The essence of the service at News Pronto is communication.

We help people to build their brand, their online profile, their local identity and to build consumer trust.

As publishers of global brands like and, we can harness those businesses to give our clients a fast boost in their marketing. Unlike PR firms, News Pronto is a pay per service business that does not require a retainer or long term contract. We are called in when our services are required.

Every business should produce blog posts, social media posts or articles about their products and services to go on other sites with SEO links and newsletters to ensure that the people who need to know how well they are going, will get the message.

We like to think of ourselves as "Rent A Reporter". Our staff are journalists who know what people want to read, how to research a topic thoroughly, write easy to read text and send it off to websites, news rooms and most importantly, Google.

Some of our competitors are the good people who take contract writing jobs through elance or odesk. They are often good writers but they do not own news sites and business media portals to instantly publish what they write. News Pronto is a one stop shop, so we get the job done in around 24 hours. From idea to draft to final product, to publishing to indexing by Google is a 24 hour operation for us. Not many freelance writers can match that service.

We turn ideas into money.

When clients need news articles, web pages or advertorials to promote their products, social media posts to create buzz, native advertising ideas, product reviews, testimonials, SEO copy, event coverage or SEO article publishing, they come to us because we do those things every day for hundreds of clients. Just take a look at and We publish those so we have a proven track record.

We are better than freelancers

We are consistently in work so our team is ready. We offer a fast turnaround and are easy to reach 24/7 with phone, skype or email for remote clients.

Your private business information is safe with us. We maintain confidentiality because we often work for clients in implementing long term business strategies. We can be trusted.

We can also build websites in 24 hours.

Often our clients want a new website or a new landing page to receive new business created by our news, web pages or SEO work. We are fast and reliable.

We take the time to research all our content

As journalists, we interview key people to get an accurate mental picture of the needs of our customers. Google search robots hunt for unique relevant copy on an infinite range of subjects and with more than 40,000,000.00 choices it is important to have the best copy in your newsletters, web pages, blog pages and in articles that link back to your site.

Bonus advertising

Each of our clients receives 1000 free banner impressions on our news websites to send traffic to the pages that we create for them. That free kick start often helps to get attention within hours and a fast boost in sales or profile. We even build the 300 x 250 px banner and get it online the moment our copy goes live.

Be seen in the right places

Our clients often ask us to publish the copy that we write for them or copy that freelancers have created for them. They do that because we run quality authority websites where their copy is seen among content provided by some of the best journalists, columnists and writers in the World.

The trend in business now is to outsource media operations.

Major companies and SME's are moving to paying a writing service like News Pronto to run their media operations. They might have some really interesting news to tell but they can't get attention from mass media journalists. That is why they use News Pronto as their own private media unit. We are on call 24/7 to take orders for news creation, distribution and publishing.

With News Pronto, you can control your own media cycle. Whether it is text, image, audio or video content that you need, call News Pronto.

Business Newsletters.

Lots of businesses have subscribers. Those people have signed up or been recruited at a high cost per email address so it is important to keep the information flowing to them. We write newsletters for business people who do not have staff time, resources or the skills to research, write and distribute interesting copy with a call to action to buy a product or service.

We are also good at using all forms of media to create email databases of potential clients for dentists, online marketers, retailers, deal sites, or any other business that uses email marketing.

News Pronto turns news into money.

Businesses often have good news stories that will drive customers to their website or business but first they have to find a way to tell people. That is what News Pronto does. We communciate on behalf of our busy customers while they get on with their business operations.

News Pronto is the one stop shop

* Research
* Writing
* Publishing
* Distribution
* Submission to Google
* Transmission to stakeholders.

Contact us: Here

Professional versus freelancers

Almost anyone can write a story. A passable narrative will do for some business tasks but when it is vital to create a good impression, News Pronto has the track record to make us the choice over freelance writers found on job sites.

The price is not that different but the ongoing service certainly is better.

Freelancers usually send their text in exchange for cash but News Pronto takes the time to publish anything that we write on our news sites to get instant action at no extra cost.

Our service is so effective, that SEO experts based around the World often use us to write copy for their clients and to publish the content on the best sites around, including our own.

Give us a try before you commit to an anonymous freelancer on or

News Pronto writers versus Public Relations firms

PR firms and publicists use our sites to promote their clients every day. We publish 100's of articles for PR firms on and, so why not cut out the middle man and come to us directly.

There are no long term contracts or retainers.

We charge for each task and that's it. We are on call to do more when the need arises.

We often wonder why people are willing to pay a retainer for PR services. People do not pay a retainer to the folks who fix their cars, mow the lawn or print their brochures so it is a odd that PR firms can still ask for $1000's to arrange for us to publish the text that they create for their clients. We are cheaper and as the final publishers for news, SEO content and native advertising, we can often be faster as well.

Paid content marketing versus affiliate marketing

Some people join affiliate networks to boost the size of their marketing network. They pay a commission to another website for a referal from a paying customer who clicks on a banner.

There is a Plan B. Why not pay a writer to put fantastic marketing copy on a third party website or your own website that will attract business 24/7 at no further cost.

Publishers are not keen on affiliate marketing. They take the risk that running banners for other businesses might not get a sale to earn them a few dollars. Many publishers ignore the 100's of affiliate requests that come their way each day because affiliate marketing does not work for most publishers and many advertisers.

Publishers do like to publish high quality news or SEO content or marketing copy writing with a link to another website that actually shares interesting facts that they are proud to publish. When a one time paypal payment arrives at the same time, they do not hesitate to take the money, publish the article with links and send their traffic off to the business that sent them the article.

News Pronto helps in the entire content marketing cycle in ways that are more effective than affiliate marketing.

We write the content, negotiate the placement and monitor the links for our clients.

Social media marketing

Social media buzz is only generated when something new happens.

Kim Kardashian is the global leader in making money on social media. It is the fountain of her fame.

If she sat at home knitting she would be a nobody but as an attention seeker she is famous.. We can do that for business people. The results may not be as astonishing as our clients keep their clothes on but the process is the same.

The flow is from news creation in articles to websites to reporters to social media to more reporters and then millions of people who tell their friends who tell their friends. The result is that a woman with a famous large rear end from America gets talked about so that her marketing machine keeps rolling along.

We help to come up with marketing ideas, write the story, start the publishing and keep the social media ball rolling.

NewsPronto Online Marketing is a global media business brand that works with small and medium enterprises to produce news on behalf of the business to be used in

* Web blogs
* Social Media
* Posted on news sites
* Publicity
* Newsletters
* To inform stakeholders about events, products, services and personnel

Outsource your online and press writing to the NEWS Pronto Online Marketing team led by Leigh Roche and Greg Rogers.

Our Rent A Reporter service helps businesses to turn their news on products and services into advertising for online, pess, social media and web site pages.

Quite often people choose to outsource writing to or to find a stringer or a freelance writer but NEWS Pronto is both a publisher and a writing solutions provider so when looking for hlep with content marketing, custom articles, native advertising, product placement or SEO writing, News Pronto should be one of the places to contact.

We provide writing that is well written content for Google to index or ready to use news AND we are probably the only content creator with its own famous news sites with high volume traffic in 16 niche topics so that we can provide:-

* Fast service
* High quality writing
* Instant site placement
* Instant appearance on Google.

We turn your news into money through

* News articles
* Web pages
* Social Media posts
* Reviews
* Testimonials
* Advertising material
* Product launch promotions
* Business newsletters
* SEO article publishing

We are better than freelancers because we are consistent, local, fast, easy to reach and run credible publications including and