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Imagine the scenario. You’ve been out for a quiet drink with a few of your friends, and you’re pulled over by the police while driving home. You’re pretty sure you shouldn’t be over the limit, but you’ve obviously done something to raise their suspicions. It can be very scary when something like this occurs, especially if you’re alone in the car. If you’re aware of what might happen and how you should react, then you’re going to feel more confident. Here are some tips to consider should you ever get stopped for a DUI.

  1. Find a Safe Place to Pull Over

Finding a safe place to pull over will work in your favour. When a police officer decides to pull you over for a DUI, it will be because your driving indicated you might be driving drunk or impaired. Anything you do following this is going to have an impact.

  1. Don’t Act Suspiciously

Police officers are trained to be cautious, so it’s important you don’t do anything to make them suspicious or make any sudden movements. The best thing to do is to stay sitting in your car with your hands on the wheel until the officer approaches and tells you what they want you to do.

  1. Be Respectful

People who are rude, disrespectful, hostile, or insincere are far more likely to get arrested. Stay calm, treat the police officer with respect and follow their instructions and you’re less likely to be arrested if you’re confident you’re not breaking the law.

  1. Be Careful What You Say

It’s very easy to say something that will incriminate yourself when you’re faced with a police officer, so only give them the minimum amount of detail required by law. For example, you are obliged to provide them with your name, license, registration and insurance information. You’re not obliged to tell them, on the other hand, how much you’ve been drinking should they ask.

  1. Refuse any Roadside Tests

You could be asked to perform two tests at the side of the road. You’re under no legal obligation to perform a field sobriety test or blow into a hand-held breathalyzer. Your license may be suspended if you refuse these tests, but it’s much better than being wrongly accused and convicted.

  1. Agree to a Chemical Test at the Police Station

By law, you’re obligated to take a chemical test should you be taken to the police station. It can be either a blood test or a breath test.

  1. Make a Record of What Happened

You’re going to need the help of an attorney if you need to fight the charges against you, and it will help them if you’ve taken notes about your arrest.

  1. Contact an Attorney

If you’re stopped for a DUI and subsequently arrested and charged, you’re going to need the help of an experienced DUI lawyer Philadelphia. Get in touch with the Fishman Firm, for example, when you need a qualified attorney who knows the relevant laws and requires advice and help throughout the legal process.


Being stopped for a DUI isn’t the end of the world if you’ve only had a couple of drinks. However, individual tolerances do differ, and it’s best if you follow the tips above.