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  • Written by News Company

Gardening is a relaxing and lovely way to spend an afternoon or weekend. There’s something magical about planting seeds and then caring for the plants that grow that can’t really be translated into words.

If you haven’t bothered with your garden or land before, it’s never too late to get started. Where land hasn’t been cultivated before, it’s a good idea to check for buried utilities using Ground Penetrating Radar technology just to be on the safe side but in most cases, you can start right away. 

Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming and with the right plants, anyone can create a green space that thrives on little attention. But if you aren’t tempted yet, here are 3 other reasons to start gardening right now. 

Improve Your Health and Fitness

Gardening is a fun way to exercise if the gym really isn’t for you. Every time you squat to inspect a plant or lift a plant into a new pot, you are effectively utilizing the same muscles as you would in the gym anyway. But gardening comes with even more benefits.

Getting your hands dirty in the soil is surprisingly good for your mental health, releasing dopamine and serotonin to give you a peaceful, happy feeling. This is why gardening is often recommended to people with depression or anxiety. But what’s really interesting is that exposing yourself to the bacteria in the soil can help boost your immune system too. 

Increase the Value of Your Property

Domain claims that a well-styled garden can increase the value of a property by up to 25%. This is a huge amount of value to add and, considering the value you’ve already gained with your health, is a brilliant bonus for something you should be doing anyway.

The reason that a well-styled garden has such an effect is that it boosts the curb appeal of your property, increasing the amount of interest generated. Even if you only have a small inner-city courtyard, if you make good use of vertical space properly, you can create a little patch of paradise buyers will love.

Help the Environment

Humans have had a major impact on the planet but our outdoor spaces are the perfect opportunity to give something back. Even if you simply scatter some seeds around and see what grows, you will give insects a place to live and put nutrients back into the soil. 

Using plenty of native plants is a good way to start gardening as these plants won’t be too difficult to grow in your soil conditions. Make sure that your design is water-smart to avoid wasting water on your land and to ensure that the conditions are just right for the plants you have.

Gardening brings joy to lots of people and once you start, you won’t want to stop. An afternoon gently pulling weeds or watering your plants is a lovely way to spend time being mindful and reconnecting with the seasons. And if you want to really reconnect with the land, why not try growing your own fruits and veggies?