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Have you ever tried to hire a company to come to your house and clean your gutters and wondered if they were giving you a fair price or just trying to take you to the cleaners? Here are some tips that you can use that will help you find the most cost-efficient gutter cleaning service in your area.


What Exactly are You Paying For?


Typically speaking, a gutter cleaning service is going to clean your gutters of all the leaves, nests, insects, sticks and whatever else may be obstructing them. They will then bag all of this waste and dispose of it according to protocol. After the gutters have been cleared of all debris, they should then do a flush of the entire gutter system to make sure that your gutters and your downpipes are all working and functioning correctly.

Depending upon the particular company that you are using, they may also offer other services that you can add on. So before you do decide to hire a gutter cleaning service, be sure that you ask them if their technician is going to inspect your gutter system, tighten anything that may need tightening such as fasteners, if they are going to reseal all the end caps and outlets, and essentially repair any areas that may be damaged and require repairs.


How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Typically Cost?


When it comes to gutter cleaning services Melbourne, the price is going to vary depending upon a number of different factors. For example, if you live in a 1,000 square foot house, there is a very good chance that you will not have as much gutter to clean or repair compared to living in a 4,000 square foot house. Here are some of the different pricing systems that you can expect to run into while you are looking for your gutter cleaning professional.

For a single-story 1,500 square foot house that has roughly 150 feet of gutters to clean, you can expect to pay anywhere between $70 on the low end, up to around $200 depending upon how much work is going to need to be done.

A single-story house that is around 2,000 square feet that has 160-180 feet of gutters will typically range between about $90 on the low end, up to $225 on the higher end.

A two-story house with a size of roughly 2,500 square feet with around 200 feet of gutters to clean is going to be anywhere between $100 and $250.

When it comes to getting your gutters cleaned, the price is always going to vary on a case by case scenario. While your gutters may not be that cluttered and obstructed, at the same time they can be overflowing with obstruction later in the year depending upon the season. Just be sure that whenever you do search for a gutter cleaning company, that you always get at least two different estimates to make sure that one of the companies you are considering is not trying to take advantage of the situation and make a few extra quick bucks.