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  • Written by Greg Rogers

The Internet is vital for work purposes but when people have some time to kill, there are lots of ways to use the Internet for entertainment.

Most computer and smartphone owners, use their device for work and play. Google is the only universal search engine these days with Microsoft's Bing coming in a distant last in the search engine race. Every day, people use Google to investigate anything that they need to know.

Lots of people look up things to do with their health. "Why do I have headaches". "What is the mole on my leg". Keeping healthy is a good thing.

Using the Internet we can find ways to learn ways avoid products or behaviours that will cause harm to us in the long term.

Sports fans keep in touch with the teams or players that they follow. In real time, it is possible to see the scores and news on almost any sporting event in the World. Using Social Media, we can even connect with sporting heroes on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram

Many people use Social Media to keep up with what their friends and family members are doing. Snapchat is a great website with an app for sending images to our loved ones and friends.

Anyone with a little spare time should consider doing something different online. There is a whole cyber World out there waiting to be explored.

There are some really good gaming and gambling entertainment sites these days. The best ones include and they offer the latest gaming experiences. Great odds, easy payment options and very safe encrypted security protocols, mean that our personal details are kept private. Using the latest technology, gaming sites offer the potential for hours of entertainment.
There are also lots of cars for sale on the Internet. Sites like Gumtree help Australians to sell hundreds of vehicles every week. Even if you do not need a car now, it is fun and educational to look around online at what models and makes are available and at what price. When you do need a car or to replace a car, you will have some advance knowledge about what to look for without being ripped off by a car dealer or private seller.

Looking at Real Estate is another popular way to spend some spare time online. There are hundreds of thousands of houses and units for sale in Australia. You can use the major property portals to see the prices for properties in your area or where you might want to live.

Of course, there are lots of websites and apps that share entertainment industry news. What is Kim Kardashian doing these days? There are movie reviews to read as you search for the best choice for your next trip to the cinema.

The main thing is to do something different online. Try new things and explore. Google Earth is the ultimate way to explore the suburb you live in or the location that you are considering for your next holiday.

The Internet is not just for work!