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  • Written by Rochelle BlanchWordStorm PR Level 4, 63 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
August 6, 2014. A new service that allows users to gain cashback with every online purchase is a welcome relief for those looking to make up for the negative impact of the Budget on their finances. According to the recent budget announcements, Medicare fees and taxes are set to rise and petrol prices are expected to soar so Australians are turning to new ways to save money. PricePal is an innovative app that gives Australian shoppers the edge by saving them money on everyday shopping items, hotels, gifts and more.

PricePal, a hassle-free savings tool for online shoppers, was recently launched by StartHere, Australia’s number one cashback website. PricePal automatically alerts StartHere members to extra savings as they shop around the internet, making it as simple as one click of the mouse button for them to access cashback from hundreds of websites that work in conjunction with StartHere.

StartHere has been operating since 2012 with over 100,000 members and PricePal was created to make it even easier for its members to earn exclusive cashback when they do their online shopping.

After downloading PricePal for free, the application is invisible until the user begins browsing online and visits a website that StartHere is affiliated with. At this point an orange banner appears that allows members to activate the cashback percentage, and also alerts the user to current sales and exclusive coupon deals currently operating at that store. 

Adir Shiffman founder of StartHere said, “PricePal is designed to give Australian consumers easy access to a hidden extra saving on almost anything they want to buy online.  It is all completely free to use, there is NO catch, and it is so straightforward that to be honest if you shop or book accommodation online, you would be foolish not to use it”. 

“StartHere has already paid over $500,000 cashback directly into its members’ bank accounts, and with PricePal we expect to be paying members a lot more,” says Shiffman.

StartHere pays cashback on hundreds of high profile brands that have an online ecommerce presence including Dan Murphy’s, The Iconic, LivingSocial,, Apple, Groupon and many more. Members can gain cashback anywhere from 1.5% to 56% on their purchases which includes anything bought from the site including sale items. Members can also raise their cashback percentage the more they use StartHere or if they refer new members.

Members can save on everything from fashion to food, homewares to hotels and are guaranteed to save hundreds with PricePal giving them financial peace of mind.

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