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  • Written by News Company

The summer heatwaves have unfortunately led to some horrific scenarios on a global scale this summer, from wildfires in Greece (also contributed to by alleged arson,) and wildfires in California. With the shifting tides of climate change and many other seeming issues contributing to the worry of many, it’s perhaps necessary to reflect on our own lives and how safe and prepared we are. How might you ensure that in a survival situation, you are prepared?

There are many guides on the internet dedicated to helping you stock your home or defend some of your property if a difficulty like these exists. However, as these wildfires illustrate, sometimes protecting your home is not enough, especially in the presence of a large fire moving quickly. It might be that you need to flee an area, meaning that your vehicle preparedness is important to consider. Preparing your car in the following manners can help you stay stocked and sustained if needing to leave an area quickly:

Reserve Cash

It’s incredibly important to hold at least some reserve hidden cash in your vehicle in order to help you in case you cannot access your main funds for a time. You needn’t hold much, perhaps $100, perhaps $50 depending on your requirements. There are many faux compartments you can install under your seats, or perhaps in the back of your glovebox. While this amount of money could, of course, be stolen if you ever experience a vehicle break-in, it might save your life when you need it most, so that risk could be worth it to you.

Backup Phones

A backup phone or two (not expensive, $20 cellular models,) could all work to help you contact those when you need it most. Save the most important contact numbers you need in both, and top them up. Ideally, have them on different networks. Switch them off until needed. Old phones like this often house batteries that could last weeks, and that could be essentially important, especially if your car battery dies.

Stocked Food

A little stocked food can help when you might need it most. You needn’t house anything fancy, just cans of food that might last a long time. Tuna, beans, and soups are good options. Anything that helps you sustain calories if your vehicle breaks down, or you need to sleep in it overnight. Continually refresh this stock of food just in case, especially if you live miles from the nearest populated area.


You never know when offroad travel might become necessary, or when the road conditions make it feel like you’re driving offroad in the first place. In these instances, it can pay to use winches, best sourced with Ateco Equipment - Warn Winches, RidePro 4x4 Suspension, Airflow Snorkels, as their inventory can help you become equipped in one order form. This could be the difference between moving through difficult territory or having to abandon your vehicle.

Remember, keep your eyes on the news, especially during aberrant weather, and you will be protected in the long term.