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Apart from directing traffic, protecting commercial buildings and private parking areas, bollards are also used to improve the exterior aesthetics of a building. That is why you can get them in a variety of colors, from the bright ones to the dull colors. When you don’t make the right color choice when installing, you may end up painting the bollards and the paint may not last for long. That is why you need to get a reliable bollards company to make customized ones that meet your purpose.

Continue reading and see the different bollards colors you can get.

Yellow covered bollards

For your bollards to last for long while maintaining perfect aesthetics covers are use and here you choose whichever color that appeals to you. Most commercial property owners prefer the yellow-colored bollards with some black stripes. The yellow color is good in reflecting light and therefore visible during the dark hours. Thus, when you have them around the perimeter of your building or the parking area, drivers will be able to notice them and therefore avoid the area. When on a highway, the yellow covered bollard with black stripes strikes the eye when light hits them and therefore motorists can easily identify the end of the road- this helps avoid accidents.

Red covered bollards

Red is a bright color and just like yellow is good at reflecting light. When you want to demarcate an area, which is seemingly dangerous, it is a good color to use. Here, you can have the bollards with inbuilt solar reflectors and therefore when it is dark, the inbuilt light shines and therefore the motorists are able to notice it. This is quite reliable because even when there is no light, the inbuilt solar gives enough light and therefore direct traffic appropriately. Look for a reliable bollards company like Steelmark, which will give you a variety of choices.

Blue covered bollards

Blue is a color that is preferred in making bollards for its beauty. It is a color, which appeals to the eye, and when it covers bollards near your property, it looks amazing. Whether it’s your garage, your commercial building, or any other blue cover bollards will turn the place appealing. The blue color works so well when used around a swimming pool - it keeps off intruders. These are made of high-density polyethylene and they usually have an anti-fade warranty of six years. They need no adhesives to install or even tools, they are just hand-fixed. They also made with reflective stripes, which increase visibility during the day or night.

Aluminum bollards

Aluminum happens to be the third most abundant element in the earth. It contributes more than 8% of the earth’s mass. The decorative aluminum weighs less than the cast iron, it is, therefore, easy to lift and stow. They are perfect for removable applications. Their portability makes them easy to cover the security posts. Low-density alloy is ideal in capturing ornate designs.

When choosing bollards for your garage, commercial building or directing traffic, it is important o choose a color that will make the place beautiful while serving the core purpose of protecting the restricted area.