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Brand Booster

At NewsPronto, for business people who choose to be our brand partners, we can publish and promote marketing messages in reports on products or services using our news pages, our social media reach and journalist colleagues.

To amplify the reach of tailored native advertising content, NewsPRONTO works across all platforms to ensure that advertorial content or content marketing material can reach any user regardless of the device they use.

We work with agencies and brand owners to add value to their news and information to drive sales message to targeted audiences.

Brand Booster is a successful way using the power of the tools that we control and their reach to specific audiences to convey important information that will enhance the relevance of brands to consumers. Knowledge is the key. We use our pages to inform audiences about the strengths of our brand partners.

PR Agencies and brand executives are aware that amplifying their message in cost effective speedy ways is critical to their marketing success. At NewsPronto our in house tools provide the entire Brand Booster package from concept, planning, preparation, execution, publishing and then tracking.

Brand Booster focuses the creative process to solve the major problem that business communicators have, which is to come up with a compelling story into which to insert marketing initiatives. It is more than the old fashioned press release. It is starting with the compelling story and packaging it to reach new listeners. Marketers often struggle with devising messages for consumers that will resonate with them when they make purchasing decisions.

Fact : Banner advertising and video +pre rolls are intrusive and resented by web users.

At NewsPronto our focus with Brand Booster is native advertising using the content on our pages to convey news that includes a marketing message that asks readers to make a decision to find our more, sign up, buy or try a product or service.

Brand Booster can sell 'stuff" on a scale that normal advertising can't match. Online content that is well written and crafted to include "news:" with along marketing messages will be read and amplified with sharing across social media as people talk to each other about news that interests them. Banners and pre rolls do not seed the social sharing process in the way that NewsPronto Brand Booster does.

Our Brand Booster partners know that they have to create content to tell their story. Our unique proposition is that the content that we prepare is interwoven with the news or information on our pages and not forced down the reader's throats as flashing banners or video pre rolls.

Our readers know that they are viewing content marketing material interwoven with the information that they need, yet they appreciate what is relevant to them and they do not resent the advertising. They either initiate an action or they pass on the opportunity without any residual ill will towards the brand that gave them the information.

Brand Booster offers two forms of brand building services

The first is fast acting micro content that spreads itself on social media platforms after seeding in the right places. The second is everlasting long form copy containing marketing messages placed on the home page of respected websites like that sits there and continues to reach selected targeted audiences who are directed to the page from Google search results.

Google will always present the best content in answer to users' queries, so at NewsPronto, we know that we have to bring our "A Team" to every project to make sure that our Brand Booster content is high up in search engine results.

Brands and or agencies can use NewsPronto Brand Booster to amplify their message either as a publisher or content creator as well. We give brand messages an extra push to get them underway on the journey to consumers and that is what our advertisers are excited about.

Contact us to find out more about online advertising with NewsPronto: Targeted Ads to Your Customers Now. Customized Campaigns to Suit You!

About Brand Booster

In response to demand, we launched a new ad product called Brand Booster the social media buzz builder to enable brands to amplify their social assets firstly on the NewsPronto website and then along the endless social media circuit.

NewsPronto For Brand Partners, gives agencies and brands the ability to publish social assets on NewsPronto through the self-service interface here . Following the launch some of the world’s most innovative agencies in the branded content space have self published content for their clients. Many more have asked us to conceive, initiate and monitor campaigns for them and that product appears unobtrusively on many of our pages.

Over the following months content from these partners, agencies and their clients will appeared in Brand Booster units on NewsPronto. We are now rolling out the platform to more brands and agencies after the limited beta period. Find out more. Contact us

Our team also runs for brands so we are not beginners.