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Make Your Home More Stylish with These Simple Tips

  • Written by News Co

Quite often, it is very easy to overcomplicate things. Anyone who is designing and decorating a home has probably already fallen into this trap. So what can you do to make your home more stylish in an easier way?

Create/Add a feature wall

A beautifully designed wall can be a talking piece at many a dinner party or just between friends and family. Your feature wall could be created like a mural, or it could be flocked wallpaper. The only limit is your imagination, oh, and your budget.

Update your flooring

Scratched wooden floors and stained carpets are very depressing and scream lazy, so take charge and take a look at some gorgeous hardwearing and versatile carpet at New flooring will lift even the darkest and dated spaces.

Lose the cream, beige and white

Style isn’t always all about the minimalistic clinical look. Style is about what you envisage and what you like, that might be bright, eclectic walls or a rainbow mismatch room. Loud colors and multi textures used together can create dimension to even the smallest of spaces.

Make it personal

Style is personal, so whatever you want to do to improve a room, always ensure you keep your thoughts, ideas, and vision at the forefront. This is so important, as once a room is completed, it is a true reflection of the person who has designed it, and not just an identikit simplistic white box.

Keep your family in mind

If you have young children running around, then you have to keep them in mind and be sensible. Sharp-edged pieces of furniture and low objects or pieces of art are probably not the best items to include in any room. They will just not stand the test of time. Invest in pieces of furniture that are well built and sturdy.

Don’t forget your lighting

Quite often, lighting within a room is not thought about, or it is left until the last minute. Don’t forget to think about what type of lighting you want to have in your room. Do you want a feature ceiling light, or do you want soft wall lights? Or, do you want bright spotlights that light up even the darkest corners of your rooms? There are so many beautiful, creative and decorative light fixtures that it would be a shame to not spend time any time incorporating them into your room.

Utilize mirrors

No matter what shape or size room you have to work with, mirrors can make a space feel bigger and brighter and help light reflect all around the room. You don’t just have to use one mirror; you can use several smaller different shaped ones and put them together to create a piece of art.


Style is all around you, and everywhere you look, you just have to open your eyes. Decide what you love and what you can live with, and then you can start working on making your whole home more stylish.

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