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The essentials: 5 bathroom accessories to add to your renovation

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You know the situation: you’re running late for work, a show, a catchup, and you’re scouring around your bathroom trying to get dressed with one hand whilst brushing your teeth with the other! 

It’s a stressful situation and one that is truly exacerbated by a stuffy space. 

The bathroom has to be a place of peace. It’s the space that provides the most potential for frustration when we’re in a rush, especially if the space is small, poky and doesn’t have the essentials we need to get ready with ease. 

Therefore, it’s a fabulous idea to have some high quality bathroom accessories on-hand to make these irritating times a little more streamlined and stress-free. 

Check out these awesome essentials to add to your next renovation: 

  1. Heated towel racks 

Melbourne winters can be absolutely frightful, and this a room that typically cops the brunt of those frosty mornings. This can make us Melbournians absolutely dread grabbing that towel off the rack and attempting to dry ourselves with it! 

But it doesn’t have to be this way, as heated towel racks are now a thing, and they are there to make the getting ready part of your day a little more cosy. With plenty of elegant designs available, these wonderful heated towel racks are designed not only to warm you whilst drying, but to also speed up the process of the towel drying itself, ensuring that winter cold won’t inhibit your towel’s ability to dry out in time for your next shower. Think about such things during bathroom renovation. 

  1. Robe hook 

Are you one of those people that finds themselves hanging their robe or good shirts on the bathroom door handle, only to see the robe or (worse) good shirt drooping along what could be a very wet or dirty floor? 

If so, it’s time to give it up, and invest in a high quality robe hook that will not only keep your robe clean and dry, but also that nice shirt or jacket you’ve been saving for the right moment… 

  1. Soap dish 

Because one of the grossest things that can happen in this space is seeing (or touching) gungy soap running along the basin. It’s a seriously grotty experience we can all do without, but many of us are content to accept! 

Instead, why not save the grossness and cleaning by investing in a handy little soap dish? They will ensure that your soap stays in the one spot and isn’t able to mess up your basin like it always did in the past. 

  1. Soap dispenser 

Or, if you want to skip the whole potential of getting soap all over the place situation, the handy soap dispenser is an elegant way to maintain a consistent aesthetic in this space. 

Because let’s face it: having a random branded bottle of hand soap flopping about the basin at any given time looks a bit silly, whereas a stylish soap dispenser provides a luxurious aesthetic and one that shows you take pride in your home’s design! 

  1. Glass holder 

If you’re one to use a glass to give your mouth a good rinsing, there is no better accessory to have than a quality glass holder. After all, the very last thing you want when you’re trying to get ready is a glass smashed all over the bathroom floor - what an absolute nightmare! 

The glass holder will ensure your glass is kept in a safe spot and exactly where you want it when you need it…