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John Prine Falls Critically Ill

  • Written by Newser
The family of John Prine said the singer-songwriter has been hospitalized since Thursday, when he began experiencing the symptoms of the new coronavirus. "His situation is critical," Prine's family said in a statement on Twitter . Fiona Prine had said on March 20 that she had tested positive, but it wasn't......

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His Music Made This Scene Terrifying

  • Written by Newser
Krzysztof Penderecki, an award-winning conductor and one of the world’s most popular contemporary classical music composers whose works have featured in Hollywood films like The Shining and Shutter Island died Sunday. He was 86. In a statement emailed to the AP, the Ludwig van Beethoven Association said Penderecki had a......

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World Faces 'Scary' Condom Shortage

  • Written by Newser
With millions homebound during the pandemic, we don't exactly need a condom shortage—and yet it's a real risk, the Guardian reports. That's because Malaysia-based Karex Bhd, the world's biggest condom maker, had to shut its three factories for a week due to a government-imposed lockdown. The shortfall comes to......

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Whales Face a New Threat

  • Written by Newser
Climate change is imperiling the world's largest animals by increasing the likelihood of fatal collisions between whales and big ships that ply the same waters, the AP reports. Warming ocean temperatures are causing some species of whales in pursuit of food to stray more frequently into shipping lanes, scientists say.......

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