Ways of Keeping Your Car’s Paint Job Fresh Looking

  • Written by Alison Lurie

If you are a car enthusiast, you will do everything in your power to keep your car's paint job looking brand new. You have spent a ton of money on your car; therefore, natural that you want your vehicle to look its best at all times.

Your car's paint job is probably the first aspect of your car that people notice. If you want your car to turn heads, then it is important to make sure that your paint job is well-maintained and protected from elements that can scratch or damage your paint. Most car enthusiasts will spend money for paint sealant or paint protection film to ensure that their car's paint will always look shiny and new. Here are some easy ways to keep your paint job always fresh.

Wash and Dry Your Car Regularly. Regularly washing your car will eliminate the debris and dirt that has accumulated on your car's surfaces. However, when you plan to wash your car yourself, use only soft microfiber cloths to wipe away the surfaces. Likewise, make sure that the debris and dust have been washed away by water first before wiping your car dry with a cloth. Any debris that is left on the surface may cause abrasion on the paint when wiping. Also, make sure that you dry your car completely after washing. Any drops left on the surface may allow chemical compounds within the droplets to affect your car's paint. It is also important to wash and dry your car away from direct sunlight to prevent droplets from evaporating too quickly to cause watermarks on your car.

Polish with Wax. Waxing your car doe not only improve the shine of your car's topcoat it also provides a protective layer against UV rays, insect splatters, asphalt and grime, and bird droppings from chemically affecting your paint job. Likewise, a properly polished car will have less drag which will eventually increase your car's fuel efficiency. There are many types of car wax to choose from. You need to apply waxes weekly while there are waxes that are reapplied after two months. However, when waxing your car, it is best to make sure no debris is left. Debris trapped while waxing may eventually damage your car's clear coat, leaving you with unsightly dots.

Using Paint Sealant. Paint sealants may be applied after your car has been washed, waxed, and polish. The sealant serves to protect the look of a newly polished car. However, applying paint sealant to your car is more labour extensive than waxing. On the bright side, paint sealants will last significantly longer than waxing alone.

Applying Synthetic Coating. The synthetic coating is the process of applying a synthetic polymer coat onto the car's exterior to increase the lustre and protect the paint from fading. The synthetic coating may be applied using a liquid polymer such as ceramic coating or applying paint protection film wrapped around the car. Out of all the ways of protecting your paint, applying paint protection film will provide you with the best results. With a protective film, your car's paint job will look fresh and new for up to five years with proper care.

If you want to keep your car's paint job looking fresh, you can regularly wash, wax, and polish it. However, if you do not have the time for all the work involved in washing and waxing regularly, you can invest in having paint protection film cover your entire car. The protection from your pain will be worth the investment.
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