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Action Sports with Leigh Roche

Dropping In- July 2016

Photo credit: NASS & Alex Rawson

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July brings hot weather and of course, intense action in action sports!


NASS 2016

NASS Festival, the UK’s biggest action sports and music festival, was held July 8-10, 2016 at the Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet near Bristol, UK. This year was the first time NASS was the site for the International BMX Freestyle Federation World Championships. In the BMX competition Australians Vince Byron and Logan Martin took the Pro Vert World Champion title and Pro Park World Champion title respectively. American Nick Bruce was named Dirt World Champion and France’s Matthias Dandois was crowned Pro Flatland World Champion. In skate Spain’s Danny Leon came out on top for the fourth year in a row, taking the title of Skate Pro Park Champion while Brit Jesse Thomas, claimed the Skate Vert Champion title.

NASS 2016 Results

NASS iBMXff BMX Vert Results

  1. Vince Byron  
  2. Simon Tabron  
  3. Douglas Oliveira

NASS iBMXff BMX Flatland Result

  1. Matthias Dandois  
  2. Takahiro Ikeda  
  3. Matt Wilhelm


NASS iBMXff BMX Dirt Results

  1. Nick Bruce
  2. Leandro Moreira
  3. Daniel Sandoval

NASS iBMXff  BMX Park Results

  1. Logan Martin
  2. Mark Webb
  3. Alex Coleborn


NASS Skateboard Park Results

  1. Danny Leon
  2. Clay Kreiner
  3. Alex Decuhna


NASS Skateboard Vert Results

  1. Jesse Thomas
  2.  Alessandro Mazzara
  3. Clay Kreiner


Viceland series: Thrasher Magazine King of the Road


If you’re a fan of skateboarding or simply a curious voyeur, then you must watch Viceland’s King of the Road (KOTR). Thrasher Magazine hatched the idea for KOTR back in 2003, a contest and travelogue of skateboard teams completing- or attempting- skate tricks and other antics for points, culminating in one team being crowned King of the Road. The first series of ten episodes chronicles the 2015 KOTR contest between Birdhouse, Chocolate and Toy Machine skate teams. If you missed the first run of the inaugural season, Viceland  TV is re-running the episodes and they’re also available on Viceland’s site.


Street League Select Series Damn Am - So Far


The SkatePark of Tampa created the Damn Am series to showcase amateur skateboarders and provide a path to the Tampa Am, one of the biggest amateur skateboarding contests. Winners qualify for Tampa Am and a chance at Damn Am of the Year and a spot in Street League Series Pro Open.

Hazard County Skatepark hosted the first Damn Am event of 2016, April 9-10 with Jereme Knibbs taking top honors. Damn Am Santos, Brazil had Lucas Alves winning and the Volcom Damn Am in Costa Mesa, USA had Alex Midler winning, so Damn Am of the Year is still up for grabs. The balance of the Damn Am Street League Select Series is: Chicago August 11-13, Woodward West September 3-4, and New York September 16-17.

Vans Park Series

Vans, who have been seriously invested in skateboarding practically since the beginning of time, created the Vans Park Series to “grow participation and promote the culture of skateboarding and the discipline of park terrain skateboarding worldwide.” This first year for the Series, there are Global Qualifier contests in Melbourne, Australia; Florianopolis, Brazil; Vancouver, Canada; Huntington Beach, USA; and the championships in Malmö, Sweden.

Vans Park Series Results

Melbourne- Chris Russell (USA) Pedro Barros  (BRA) Kevin Kowalski (USA)

Florianopolis- Pedro Barros (BRA) Ivan Federico (ITA), Kevin Kowalski (USA)

Vancouver- Ivan Federico (ITA) Robin Bolian (FRA) Cory Juneau (USA)

Huntington Beach will be held as part of the US Open of Surfing July 26, 2016 and the championship in Malmö, Sweden will be on August 20, 2016



“I’d risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly”- Dave Mirra 1974-2016