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7 Things to Do in Singapore for an Unforgettable Honeymoon

  • Written by Diana Smith

If you can’t decide between picturesque nature and a man-made urban paradise for your honeymoon, opting for Singapore may be the ideal trip that offers the best of both worlds. Not to mention that this amazing city-state can be an endless source of fun and interesting activities that can instantly turn into a memorable and romantic experience.

1. Visit the Little India Together

A great way to start your honeymoon adventure in Singapore is to spend a whole day in the Little India neighborhood, called that because it celebrates Indian culture. The area is famous for great Indian-inspired food and shopping opportunities, together with fun nightlife.

2. Engage in Main Attractions at Sentosa

Sentosa is definitely one of the biggest tourist hot spots in Singapore as it features many different attractions, from Universal Studios to Adventure Cove Waterpark. As such, you and your spouse can have a total blast with no time to feel bored, and enjoy the perfect mix of adventure and romantic getaway.

3. Take the City Bus Tour

Touring this city-state is a must when you first come to visit, but the attractions and sights can easily become too overwhelming. So, if you’re on the lookout for the most exciting, romantic, and effective way to learn about Singapore, definitely consider taking the City Bus Tour – driving around the entire city in an open-roof bus.

4. Visit the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck

One of the most enticing and romantic things that you two can do as a couple on honeymoon in Singapore is to visit the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck together and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the city. This is the sight you two will be able to share forever. What’s more, you can take the romance back to your SkyPark hotel room and maybe even get to explore the goodies from the sex toy shop in Singapore you had paid a visit before.

5. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Gardens by the Bay is definitely one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore, and for a good reason. It features picturesque natural scenery together with amazing architectural wonders. There are plenty of things to do here as well, but you should make it a point to visit the Supertree Grove. There’s also the aerial walkway to make things even more romantic with a wholesome view of the Marina Bay and the gardens.

6. Camp and BBQ at ECP for Added Excitement

At the seashore of the East Coast Park, there’s an area that allows for camping and barbecuing. Many tourists love spending time here as it provides the most idyllic and relaxing pastime that can be found in Singapore. So, why not spice your honeymoon trip even more by jumping at the opportunity to camp near the sea?

7. Get Away from the Urban Jungle

Singapore is truly an architectural marvel of the modern world and the nightlife never fails to be exciting and wild. But if you suddenly start craving the true wilderness, Singapore won’t leave you disappointed. You can plan a trip to the Singapore Zoo featuring different arrays of wildlife. Also, you can opt to spend a romantic day on the beach, or maybe even visit the famous Merlion Park. And in case you’re hungry for some awe-inspiring views, board a river cruise from Clarke Quay.

Even if you and your spouse-to-be tend to imagine a fun and exciting honeymoon trip differently, you can be 100% positive that Singapore will keep you both covered. What’s more, you’ll get to enjoy the things you both find amazing together and create some of the most gorgeous memories in one of the most gorgeous places in the whole world. 


Enjoy Bohol Bejeweled With Picturesque Forests

  • Written by News Company

Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines, bejeweled with picturesque forests, which will make you wonder. This island offers a lot of adventures like cave exploring, waterfall climbing, and river rafting. The nature is perfect with its full glory and mysticism. You will find the spotlessly white sand beach and cocktails with tiki straws on the south of the island. In the south, you will also discover the modern capital city of Tagbilaran. This city is dotted with numerous shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and affordable hotels in Bohol. Explore the northern part of the island, where you may mingle with inhabitants who are not used to see tourists too often. Apart from these adventures, this island has a rich history and culture. It was a Spanish colony, later Japanese invasion, and US intervention.

A good Affordable hotel in Bohol has bar, swimming pool, and restaurant. The parking and use of Wi-Fi service is complimentary. The hotel staffs are quite polite and trained and make you feel at home. The rooms are spacious and clean, and you can have a grand view from the attached balcony. The foods they provide are delicious and outstanding.

Chocolate Hill

The Chocolate Hills is the most famous and sought after tourist spot in Bohol. You will be mesmerized by the majestic view of the proportioned lush green mountains, till the horizon. During summer, the hills turned into milk chocolate color, hence the name. In monsoons, the hills again become lush and luxuriant. The hotels arrange a trip to the chocolate mountain. You can hire a motorbike cab enjoying the trail with natural and cultural highlights along the path.

Conservation Conservatory

In Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory, you will find different species of rare butterflies, spiders, birds, caterpillars, flowers, and centipedes. The guide of the habitat will show the native flora and fauna of the island. You will also find an ice cream parlor, which sells all-natural ice cream. The whole tour takes around 30 minutes. This brief tour will introduce to many species of animals, which you never saw in your lifetime.

Visit the bamboo hanging bridge; you will walk across the bamboo intertwine bridge over a slow-flowing river. The deck seems fragile and delicate; with each step, it squeaks; you feel a little tingle in your spine. But the bridge is quite safe, as it supported by secure cables. On the other side of the bridge, there is a small souvenir shop, from which you can buy some mementos to take the tour memorable.

In the southwest area of Bohol, you can enjoy paddle boarding. You will pass through the twisting jungle passageway, enjoying the flawless, pure natural beauty, watching small waterfalls cascading from hilltops. When you book for this river rafting, the operator provides paddle boards, paddle, life jackets, and a complimentary mouth-watering delicious traditional local dish.

The bottom line

When you visit the chocolate mountain, there is a path along a small tributary bounded by lush jungle. Little huts and vendor stations are erected down the road selling refreshments. Some owners of these shops also possess wooden boats, and they are glad to take you for a ride.

3 Top Destinations in Asia You Absolutely Must Visit

  • Written by Sarah Williams

Planning a trip to Asia soon? Make sure you don't miss the best destinations. Here are 3 top destinations in Asia you absolutely must visit.

Are you planning your first post-Corona vacation? With lockdowns being lifted across the world, it's nearly time to stop dreaming and start planning about where you might want to travel to.

With countries like Vietnam now COVID free and back to normal and Japan out of a state of emergency and others soon to be on their way, there's no better place to visit soon than Asia.

Here's everything you need to know about the top destinations in Asia to travel to.

1. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is Vietnam's most stunning attraction. Beautiful limestone cliff faces that go on for miles. A UNESCO world heritage site, Ha Long means descending dragon and it refers to the myth that the Vietnamese Gods sent down dragons to protect the people.

They shot out giant green jewels into the earth which became the cliff faces and gorges you see today.

One of the most popular things to do is to do a boat ride around the bay. It's so big you can do an overnight cruise and watch the sunset and sunrise the following morning.

Boat cruises around Ha Long Bay are currently discounted due to the Corona Virus situation. They will no doubt remain this way when borders reopen.

2. Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura, Japan

If Japan is more your kind-of-place then be sure to check out Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura in the North of Japan. This is a different kind of theme park that transports you back five hundred years to the Edo period. It's one of the best attractions in Asia.

Watch people wearing kimonos and don other traditional clothing. Walkthrough ancient Japenese buildings and imagine what life was like in Japan before the advent of the modern world.

3. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and quaint towns in Vietnam. Charming, the town has remained almost unchanged since the 17th century when it was a Japenese trading port. There is so much to do here in one of the best Asia attractions.

Many of the original buildings have been preserved and the buildings painted in traditional yellow. You can do a cruise down the Thu Bon river by night and the women who run the boats will give you a free lantern to place on the river and make a wish.

There are also rice fields - perfect for a bike ride through the country - and to see the rice farmers at work. If you get lucky you might even see a water buffalo.

Finally, Hoi An also has a beautiful beach that stretches for miles into the distance. It's the perfect place to chill after a long journey or a night spent in the hustle and bustle of the old town.

Top Destinations in Asia: There Are So Many To Choose From

If you're thinking about the top destinations in Asia then there are many to think about. Asia is a much more diverse continent than many people think. From the quaint fishing towns of Vietnam to ancient Japanese culture in the mountainous North.

If you are interested in reading more about the top destinations in Asia be sure to check out the rest of our site.

How To Become A Master Traveler

  • Written by News Company

A lot of people who travel now and again do so because it gives them a chance to relax. Not only that, but traveling also refreshes your mind and reinvigorates you. Apart from that, you get to see beautiful new places, as well as learn new languages and cultures. If you love making new friends, then you will definitely get the chance to make new friends from all over the world. So, just how do you become a master traveler so that you spend less time stressing and more time enjoying best online casino games while on vacation? Well, read below.

The Trick is in Always Packing Light

Most people, when they travel, always carry so many things with them. In fact, some carry their whole wardrobes when they go on trips. However, most of the time, you will not even use all the things that you will carry. Half the time, because you have so many activities to do, you cannot even wear most of the clothing items that you carry with you.

Therefore, we suggest that you always pack light as this gives you enough freedom to move around. This will make your trip even more exciting. In addition, you do not have to waste so much time trying to pack and unpack when you get to your destination. The only thing that we recommend is that you carry clothing items that are appropriate for the weather so that you are always comfortable.

Travel By Yourself At Least Once

We all know that traveling as a group can be so much fun. Playing casino games, visiting nice places and eating nice food. Besides, you can save a lot of money as you can always split your expenses. However, at times, it’s even more fun to travel on your own. Let’s face it, when you travel alone, you get to learn more about yourself. In addition, no one is there to control where you go or what you get to do while on your vacation.

Top 7 DVC Resorts for the Perfect Family Vacations

  • Written by Sarah Williams

Want to stay close to your favorite park of all time? Then read on to discover the best DVC resort for family vacations here.

When Disneyland opened in July of 1955, this brand took the world by storm with its popularity. Now, over 65 years later, Disney is just as beloved by both kids and adults alike.

Maybe you grew up with Disney and now have children that share your love. What better way to spoil them than to take them on a trip to a Disney vacation resort that's part of the Disney Vacation Club?

In this article, we'll show you the top 7 places to go so you can pick the best DVC resort for your family.

1. Bay Lake Tower

This might be the best Disney Vacation Club resort, if not one of the newest at Walt Disney World.

If you've seen Disney's Contemporary Resort before, then Lake Tower will look very familiar. This is because it's basically its twin, but it's exclusively for DVC members.

For those of you planning on visiting WDW, then you have to stay at Bay Lake Tower. It's walking distance from the Magic Kingdom, which makes transporting your family to and from the park and the hotel be a cinch. If you don't want to walk, you can take the monorail as well.

This is the only DVC that's within walking distance of WDW, so if you want convenience, you'll definitely get it with this resort.

2. Grand Floridian

Grand Floridian offers the best villas at Walt Disney World. Its decor may be hit or miss with some people, as its style is more on the older side. However, you can't deny that the entrance is just magnificent!

Here, you'll enjoy poolside cabanas, spa treatments, and amazing views. Within the Grand Floridian, there are over 10 places to dine and have drinks at.

Their villas are a bit more upscale than in other places, so it may not be the best place to bring your kids. There are still many things for children to do, such as Disney's Pirate Adventure.

Otherwise, if you're on a romantic getaway with your significant other, we highly recommend the villas at Grand Floridian!

3. Wilderness Lodge

Are you a family that enjoys camping? Then you can't miss out on the Wilderness Lodge. This resort has beautiful cabins and is located in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

The Wilderness Lodge itself has tons of character, which you'll notice as soon as you arrive. The resort will make you feel nice and cozy when you step foot inside, as there's a huge 82-foot tall stone fireplace right in the lobby.

When outside, you can enjoy outdoor swimming pools, water sports, bike paths, campfires, and more. And when you want to go to the Magic Kingdom, just hop on a boat and ride over in just a few minutes.

4. Old Key West Resort

Old Key West Resort is where you want to be if you want some of the best views in Key West.

This resort also offers the largest room sizes, so if you have a huge family in town, this may be an excellent choice. It's also one of the original DVC properties, so if you like something with history, this is it. However, it's been recently refurbished, so you don't have to worry about old and broken things.

In addition, there's plenty of space on this property to go for morning and evening strolls.

5. Riviera Resort

This is also one of the newest resorts in DVC. While the outside architecture isn't really anything to write home about, it's the inside that really counts.

In the Riviera Resort, you'll find extremely upscale rooms where you'll stay in comfort and luxury. Plus, this resort has some of the best restaurants around, so this is where foodies should stay.

6. Beach Club Resort and Villas

This is a good resort to go to if you're looking to go on a romantic getaway. You'll find Beach Club Resort and Villas near Crescent Lake in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

These villas look like quaint little cottages, which will give you a nice and relaxed feel. This resort also has some of the best pools in all of the Disney resorts, so make sure you catch some rays and get some laps in while you're there. Not only does it have a water slide and a lazy river, but it also has sand at the bottom to give it that real beach feel.

When you want to spend time away from the resort, you can walk a few minutes to Disney's BoardWalk. Here, you'll find tons of restaurants and shops. You'll also find the International Gateway entrance for Epcot.

7. Aulani

While there's no Disney theme park in Hawaii, maybe you want to go on a tropical getaway with your family. What better way to enjoy it than to go to Hawaii and stay somewhere right next to the ocean while enjoying a great Disney resort?

This resort is located in Ko Olina, which means it's on Oahu. The property is a beachfront one, so you'll enjoy breathtaking views from your room.

When you stay here, you'll enjoy a lazy river pool. Plus, they have fireside luaus!

Aulani is just a few minutes drive away from the Pearl Harbor tour, so it can be an educational experience for everyone too.

If you've fallen in love with the idea of DVC stays, then consider looking at a DVC resale listing. you'll get an 11-month booking window where you can stay!

Choose the Best DVC Resort for Your Next Family Vacation

With this great list, you can now choose the best DVC resort for your upcoming family vacation. With the magic of Disney, you and your little ones are sure to have an unforgettable time and will make tons of outstanding memories!

If you enjoyed this article about DVC properties, then make sure you check out our other blog posts too!

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