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How To Assess Space Needed For A Sport Court In Your Yard

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If you like playing basketball, tennis, or any other type of court sport then you’ve probably thought about adding a sport court to your yard. Of course, your yard may not be big enough to take a full-size court. The good news is that doesn’t mean you can’t have one!

Consider the Size

You need to know how big a full-size court is. For example, if you want a tennis court then the regulation size is 60ft by 120ft. Naturally, not every yard can take this. But, if you look at your yard and assess the space available you may find there is enough space to add a mini-court. This will still allow you to practice and enjoy your favourite sport.

Most companies agree that the minimum acceptable size for a tennis court is 20ft by 26ft. If you have this much space then you’re good to go!

Consider the Surface

It’s possible that your tennis court can double as something else, such as an entertainment area or perhaps even a driveway.

Deciding this will help you to choose the most appropriate flooring for your court. It’s worth having a chat with the specialists in sport surfaces Sydney. In most cases, grass is the preferred option for a tennis court. However, you’ll want to think about what the space is being used for and what surface you need/prefer to play on.

Knowing this will make it easier for the experts to design and implement your court.

Don’t Forget Around the Court

When considering the space needed you need to remember that some space will be needed around the court. This is the access space, where equipment can be placed while playing, it also allows people to watch.

The area around the court doesn’t need to be large but allowing for it will help you get the most out of your court.


Another critical part of assessing the space needed is where you would like to position the court in your yard. You don’t want to spend hours hunting for lost balls or watching them smash into your house. That means you’ll need fencing.

This doesn’t take much space to add. But, you will need to consider how this will look from your house. It can affect the appeal of your project and the view from your windows.

Installing The Court

Once you have decided what size court you can install and where it will go, you’ll be ready to instruct the professionals.

While this job can be done by yourself, it is difficult to get the ground completely level. That’s why it is better to get the professionals in. They will be able to advise regarding anything you have missed in your calculations.

You’ll also find they can get the work done quickly, they should be in and out, with the job completed, in approximately two weeks. That leaves you free to start enjoying the sport court in your own yard.