Business Marketing

Guest Bloggers

NEWS Pronto is building on an established base and around 5 years experience in publishing to build this channel. We are publishers primarily, however we will give bloggers space to enable people to build up a name for themselves.

Blog articles will be important but they will not be big revenue earners for us so we cannot pay for articles. Sure, we’d love for people to post here and there is the possibility that your post could do very well but odds are that some will not gain a big audience.

For those writers who submit articles to us regularly, we will create a column title with by-lines and allow one 300 x 250 banner if a writer has a sponsor or something to promote with an image and non paid link.

We will accept video content linking or embedding if it is original and owned or approved for use by the author from the copy right owner.

For anyone considering blogging at NEWS Pronto we want you to look at the way we present your material and how prominently it is placed before targeted audiences. The exposure and opportunity to network might be what we can provide in lieu of payment.

Approach us with your proposal for a column and we will be as fair as possible.

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