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Britain's Beloved Sporting Events

  • Written by Eleanor Rose

British sport has been steeped in history for centuries now. Not only were a lot of large mainstream sports founded in Britain but the country has consistently provided spectacular sporting events since. In fact many of these sporting events have become as quintessentially British as tea, the red post boxes or fish & chips and are commonplace in the calendar every year. So without further ado, let's have a look at Britain's beloved sporting events.



Britain is no exception to the rest of the world in its love for all things football. It is a passion in the country that runs deep and has huge cultural effects. The FA cup final ends the English footballing calendar every year and is a huge fixture from start to finish for all 736 teams who compete. The oldest and most prestigious cup competition in England is famous around the globe and the final usually garners half a billion TV viewers. Steeped in tradition and all things British, the national anthem, attendance by Royals and held at Wembley -the home of football - the FA cup final is huge.


Royal Ascot

From Britain's favourite sport to its second favourite. Horse racing and sports betting are huge in the United Kingdom and both go hand in hand here. Known for its heritage and pompous nature the Royal Ascot mirrors all things British. Lavish in dress code, rowdy in behaviour and respectful in attendees, the Royal Ascot may not be the best horse race in Britain but it certainly sums up Britishness. Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II is an avid horse racing fan and the Royals always attend this event in one way or another. This gives it that very British feel alone but the horse betting culture and general rowdy nature of the 300,000 punters who treat it as a special day out rather than purely as a race meeting give this event a distinctive feeling.



Perhaps the most stereotypically British sporting event is the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament. This historical event started in 1877 and is the oldest and most prestigious major in the tennis world. It attracts everyone to the game in the summer not only for some top-notch sport but also the tradition surrounding the event. Strawberries and cream with jugs of Pimms are not to be missed in this outrageously British tradition. This event has been increasingly followed by many in Britain as Andy Murray has started to see some glory and success in the sport. The first real contender in years.


The Open

The Open Championship is a quintessential sporting event. Golf was founded in Britain and the sport is well loved by many on the Isles. Dating back to 1860 this event is one of the oldest going and has consistently been occurring all over coastal courses throughout Britain. It's known for its very British sportsmanship, weather and fair play this event is one of the most prestigious in the world and draws professionals and spectators from everywhere. What's even more exciting about this event is the Open is scheduled for a famous return to the home of golf at the St Andrews Old course for its 150th anniversary in 2021.


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