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Does a career as a personal trainer still have a future?

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Helping others to lead a healthier and fitter life, not a boring workday in the office and being on the move a lot - that sounds like a dream job. But does the career as an online personal trainer course really have a future or is the fitness hype long gone?

Anyone who has ever thought of becoming a personal trainer must have asked one of the following questions at least once or heard it from friends and acquaintances:

  • Will the fitness trend soon be over?

  • Aren’t there too many trainers on the market?

  • Can a new trainer even prevail on the market?

  • Can you live from independence as a personal trainer?

  • What are the requirements for a career as a personal trainer?

  • How do you get the necessary specialist knowledge as a personal trainer?

This article is intended to answer the question, whether a career as a personal trainer is a dream job with a future.

Isn’t the fitness hype over soon?

Definitely not, because according to Statista the fitness industry is the fastest and fastest-growing market worldwide. There is still no end in sight for the trend. In the next few years, even more, people will want a healthier and fitter life, relying on the professional support of a trainer or coach.

Aren’t there too many trainers on the market?

In the statement “There are too many fitness trainers, there is only one word missing to formulate the truth: There are too many UNQUALIFIED fitness trainers.

Can a new fitness trainer prevail in this market?

The answer is very clear: yes! Because the fact that there are too many unqualified fitness trainers on the market offers extremely great opportunities for those who are well qualified.

Anyone who is well trained professionally prevails against 99.9 percent of all other trainers on the market. Because nowadays, expertise determines more than ever how successful you become like a personal trainer.

By specializing in certain customer groups or sports, there are many opportunities to position yourself well in the market. Anyone who regularly undergoes further training can set themselves apart from the masses.

Can you live from independence as a personal trainer?

Admittedly, there are many personal trainers who cannot live from their independence alone. But as a well-trained personal trainer, hourly prices of $200 or more are not uncommon.

A good personal trainer does not just do sport with his customers, but coaches and accompanies them on the way to a very specific, individual goal. If the client is suffering and dissatisfied, he is happy to pay a professional coach to help him achieve his goals.

What are the requirements for a career as a personal trainer?

So that $200 or more per hour is justified, as a personal trainer you should really know the needs, concerns, wishes, and goals of your customers. In order to act not only as a trainer but as a mentor and motivator, empathy and empathy are required.

Expertise is just as important as the so-called soft skills. With the right training planning and suitable training methods, the trainer can optimally support his customers in achieving their goals.

An adapted diet also plays a major role in this. A good personal trainer is also a trained nutritionist and creates individual nutritional plans that are tailored to the client’s training goals.

In addition, a personal trainer should be familiar with sports injuries and typical clinical pictures that require special training methods.

  • Fitness trainer B license

The basics of anatomy and training are prerequisites for trainers.

  • Fitness trainer A license

Methods of body fat measurement, dealing with selected sports injuries and with special customer groups complement the specialist knowledge.

  • Nutritionist A license

An optimally adapted diet complements the training.

  • Personal Trainer License

Marketing knowledge and legal foundations are equally important for working as a personal trainer and for success in self-employment.

The success of the personal training is due, firstly, to the benefits and satisfaction obtained by the personalized attention to each client and, secondly, to the fact that this service contributes to improving the management of the centers and their economic results in a remarkable way.

The objective of personal training

This service seeks the maximum efficiency in the processes, the maximum efficiency in the results and the minimum risks in relation to security.

If the physical advice is designed and followed in the proper way, there will be an improvement in the physical condition of the person, as well as their cardiac and respiratory capacity and their general state of health.


Some studies, such as The Effectiveness of Personal Training in Changing Attitude towards Physical Activity, have shown the greater effectiveness of this sports option with regard to free training, especially in women. The key to this effectiveness is that the training plan is adapted to the conditions and objectives of each person. In addition, the advice of the sports professional saves a great deal of time invested in ineffective exercises or practiced improperly.


One of the main reasons for the failure of people who sign up for the gym is the lack of willpower to go regularly to play sports. This is a problem that especially affects beginners, those who are most advised by the advice of a personal trainer because among its most outstanding advantages is the increase in motivation that this professional breathes into his client, as it drives him to follow a training program consistently and consistently. On the other hand, the one who hires a personal trainer makes sure to obtain the best possible results, which results in greater efficiency of the time invested in his training.


The main problems of personal training are on the one hand the price because it represents an additional service to the price of the gym, and on the other, the danger that the professional does not have the necessary qualification, because being an unregulated profession there are trainers personnel with the most diverse training, often insufficient. For this reason, anyone interested in hiring a personal trainer is asked to ask about their training and, above all, about their experience.


The history of personal training goes back to the beginning of interest in weight lifting and strength exercises. Today, it still has the same buzz which is rapidly growing. Also, a good personal trainer He will strive to improve the technique of his client, make it overcome the states of stagnation and teach him all the necessary aspects so that he can design his own programs and, in the future, manage to train on his own without the need for a monitor. Finally, this fitness professional will monitor the posture and the way to execute the exercises of the one who is advising, which is definitely a guarantee to train as safely as possible.