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How to overtake safely

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Among the maneuvers that a driver has to perform, overtaking is one of the most dangerous. This is due to driving into the oncoming lane.

In addition, overtaking most often occurs on country roads , where the speed is much higher than in the city. Accordingly, the cost of an error increases many times over. Therefore, the correct performance of overtaking should be given close attention.

How not to overtake

Usually the driver, having caught up with the car in front, comes close to it and begins to wait for a "window" in oncoming traffic.
When a gap in the oncoming traffic appears, the driver leaves to the right and, gradually accelerating in the oncoming lane, overtakes.

What is the danger here?

*  If you go close behind the overtaken car, the viewing angle is significantly narrowed. Therefore, you have to constantly "stick out" of the lane to see what is happening ahead.

*  If the overtaken brakes sharply, a collision will be inevitable, because there is no required distance. On some trucks behind, on the underride bar, there is an inscription: "do not follow closely". This is just for such cases.

*  Usually, the person being overtaken goes slower than you. When choosing the moment to overtake, you have to go at the same low speed. That is, there is no speed reserve required for overtaking.

*  Therefore, when, finally, overtaking begins, you have to spend precious seconds to gain sufficient speed to overtake.

*  Note that you have to accelerate in the oncoming lane. Namely, being in the oncoming lane is the most dangerous phase of overtaking .

*  Do not forget about the pebbles flying into your car from under the wheels of the car in front. The closer you get to it, the more chipping will be on your windshield and hood.

How to overtake correctly?

Although it is a little more difficult than the wrong way of overtaking, it is much safer and more reliable. It just takes some practice.

The main thing to remember is:

*  "The less you are in the oncoming lane, the safer overtaking will be."

*  Do not cuddle with the one you want to overtake. This way you will see far ahead, without sticking out into the oncoming lane.

*  Having seen the necessary "window" and having a sufficient distance to the overtaken one, you can start accelerating. Note - on your lane. Before doing this, be sure to shift the gear one or two steps lower. This is necessary in order to have a greater supply of thrust.

*  If you have a car with an automatic transmission, press the gas pedal until the kick-down mode is triggered.

*  At the moment when the "window" catches up with you, you will already have a reserve of speed and will be able to safely overtake. At the same time, on the opposite side of the road you won’t be staying longer (10-15 seconds or more), most likely 5 to 7 seconds.

Of course, such overtaking requires skill and calculation. But there is nothing complicated here. You can easily learn how to overtake correctly even on one long trip.

Overtaking is also much easier with a car that can accelerate fairly quickly. Some drivers misjudge the performance of their cars and can’t complete the overtake causing accidents. If you are looking to get a new car but need to sell your car first, you can contact a cash for cars Newcastle company to sell your car for cash.
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