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Business Email Hosting: How to Choose the Perfect Provider

  • Written by News Pronto

Business email hosting is one of the smartest online moves you can make. It builds company credibility, generates site traffic, increases brand awareness and streamlines communications. What’s more, when you partner with a trusted provider, you can be sure that you will receive added benefits like comprehensive productivity suite, device and identity management and unparalleled security features!

But to receive these awesome benefits you have to partner with the right provider. Here, we are going to talk about how you can find the this expert in email hosting and why choosing them will optimise your service:

They use Microsoft 365

Nothing beats Microsoft 365 when it comes to top class business email hosting. It comes with a huge range of features that make it the number one service for companes looking to amplify their digital credibility.

Features include:

  • Applications: It comes with a huge range of apps that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more.

  • Cloud storage: Cloud storage allows you and your team access to files wherever you happen to be. What’s more, it ensures that you can retrieve documents in the unlikely event of a loss.

  • Collaboration: It features a fantastic range of collaboration tools including chat, video meetings and real-time document collaboration.

  • Device management: It makes device and user identity management simple, allowing you to gain highly effective control over who views what information.

  • Security features: Microsoft 365 offers enhanced security features like advanced threat protection, data loss prevention and multi-factor authentication.

They prioritise security

Cyberthreats are ever-increasing in the digital era and it is therefore imperative that you have a company who will optimise security at every corner. This means enlisting world class Microsoft 365 technology to ensure that your security features are resolute and will protect you from the likes of cybercrims, human error, natural disaster or system failure.

This not only ensures that you are safeguarded from threats, but also ensures your business meets compliance standards. Australian industry regulations are quite rigid and - with recent disasters hitting Australian companies - will likely become more so in the future. Therefore, it is imperative that your business is not only protected, but that it also complies with industry regulations.

They offer a range of extra services

Not only should your provider offer comprehensive business email hosting, but they should also happily offer you domain name registration, web development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and much, much more. Today’s hosts should have the capacity to provide a comprehensive service for their clients to ensure that at least most of their digital services are maintained under the one roof.

This not only streamlines your digital processes but also ensures that you have the one account manager there to assist you and provide regular reporting. What’s more, it ensures that your billing is handled in the one place and not across multiple providers.

They have industry longevity

Because you don’t want to partner with some fly-by-night operation that just rocked up in the game. Instead, you want to be able to trust that your provider has the skills and industry experience to provide you with a first class service. They will have a team of experts who understand your company needs and can help you achieve them through services like email hosting. What’s more, they will work closely with you to construct a campaign that is specialised to your needs.

These are the four imperatives to finding the ultimate host!