• Written by Emma Petfield

According to strategist Kevin Uphill, it all boils down to knowing your customers and end users clearly and better than your competitors do.

Uphill explains that “the quiet, innovative and strategic approach, asking the right questions with greater clarity, is proven time and time again. Where is the market going and therefore where should we go? What are our customers likely to want? How can we gain advantage when combined with belief and toughness?”

Uphill goes into further depth in his latest title Creating Competitive Advantage. Now available, it discusses the distinction between leadership and management; the former provides a gateway to strategizing and the latter, time spent organizing other people’s time.

The book contains a combination of theory, practical insights and case studies of businesses like PwC, Disney, Pixar and IBM that have successfully made and implemented a strategy from anticipating market direction. Uphill explains the strategic benefits of anticipating and reading market needs. And how these can help you take steps towards changing the game and obtaining competitive advantage.

About the author: Kevin Uphill has enjoyed a long and successful career as an entrepreneur, strategist and mergers and acquisitions advisor. He is founder and Chairman of Avondale Group (, a leading International Mergers & Acquisitions boutique founded in 1991. In addition to its commercial business sales services, the practice has a growing strategy and mentoring division. Kevin is a respected speaker and thought leader on business strategy and journeys, mergers and acquisitions. He is also the author of How to Buy and Sell a Business for Wealth and Rivers of Cash.

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