• Written by News Feature Team

If you think that your office has become somewhere that your employees begrudgingly haul themselves to every morning for a day filled with anger and anxiety, it might be time to consider the possibility that you have a morale problem amongst your staff. But how to fix such a problem? Here’s a few ways you can start boosting morale in the workplace.

1. Clean it up

People respond to their environment. If your office is messy and not very well looked after, the attitudes of the people who work there will reflect that. Look at hiring a professional cleaning company like AMC Commercial Cleaning to come in and tidy up. You and your staff will notice the difference that having a clean workspace makes, and as an added bonus, it will be more hygienic and result in fewer staff sick days.

2. Atmosphere is important

Create a bit of atmosphere in the office with some music. Speakers are affordable and can be installed throughout the office for maximum coverage. Create a playlist or just tune into a radio station and fill the office with ambient music. Not only will it immediately make the place more fun to be in, you might also see a spike in productivity. Alternatively, allow everyone to use their own headphones if no musical consensus can be reached.

3. Shed some light on the subject

Having adequate light in the office is a must. There’s only so long people can live under fluorescent lights before they start to go a little crazy. If you have the ability to do so, open up the blinds and let as much natural light in as possible. This is especially effective if you have a bit of a view from the office, as having something interesting to look at has been shown to increase employee productivity.

4. Keep hierarchy as flat as possible

Many staff members may come to resent a management team that act holier-than-thou or carry themselves in a way that is demonstrably superior. Management should be able to relate to the staff under their care and even be willing to get their hands dirty if required. A management team that shows it’s willing to be in the trenches often forge better relationships and more productive partnerships with staff.

5. Celebrate accomplishments

Celebrate significant milestones with staff and let them know not only how instrumental they were to that success, but that you appreciate all of the work they did to help get the company there. While some may not like being singled out for praise, make sure that great work is rewarded in some small way. A token of gratitude goes a really long way to keeping your staff happy and motivated.

These are just a few of the methods that you can utilise to consistently increase morale in the office, but there are many other ways you could accomplish this if you’re especially creative. What are some of your sure-fire office morale boosters? Tell us in the comments below.