Business Marketing


  • Written by News Feature Team

Location is a prime issue when planning to set up an office because more than anything else it will determine your access to your target market. Think strategically and choose the best location that you can afford. If money is tight a virtual office is a legitimate option.

There are many businesses that do not have an actual physical office and run from the internet only. With a virtual office, you won't have to worry about your office presentation but you will need a very impressive website and a strong social media presence because this will be your shopfront to the world. You will also need a car because you will have to do all the travel associated with meeting, getting to know and eventually selling to your potential clients

Starting with a virtual office is often a good choice for start-ups as it can help reduce overheads, but it’s not where an ambitious business owner wants to be in a year's time. If growth is the goal, sooner or later, it will be time to update to real world commercial premises so as to provide greater access to your market.

The type of business that you run will determine whether or not you look to commercial, industrial or retail setting. For any business, it is vital to make a great first impression and as far as location is concerned your greatest need is to be accessible to your market. In this aspect, distance to travel is critical.

If you rely on walk in traffic, for sales or need to speak to people to make sales, you need to be as close to them as possible as they will resent having to travel a long way to get to you. They just won't bother in many cases and you might as well just stick with a virtual presence.

Where possible, set up your business in an area that is logical and by that I mean be among like businesses or in a suitable business precinct. Don't be out of place. Consider fast food outlets that set up alongside competitors, they do this because it creates a hub that attracts more customers to an area. Can your business benefit from foot traffic attracted to the area because there are similar businesses located together? Don’t be afraid to set up near competitors, you will often pick up customers simply because of location if you are not in a hub that makes sense for your style of business.

Image and presentation is another vital component so make sure your business looks the part. Cleanliness is also vital, so where possible, seek out a business HQ that is easy to keep clean and professional. Also make sure you hire a good and reliable contract cleaner because cleanliness is a not negotiable as far as presentation and image are concerned in a business setting. Finding a good cleaner can be easier said than done but you’ll find some great tips on hiring a good contract cleaner in this article.

Overall, location is a key factor to evaluate for any business. If you can’t afford a good location you might as well start out as a virtual business and build up your cash-flow to the point where you can afford to have a physical presence close to your target market. Finally remember that the image of your brand will be affected by the style and cleanliness of your premises, so make sure you keep anywhere your customers will see clean and business like so you can make a great first impression with potential new customers visiting your business for the first time.