• Written by News Feature Team

Whether you’re training to be an architect or you’re looking for one to help you with the planning and building of a house or apartment block, there are several things which every good professional designer or architect should be able to do. They should instantly think about all of these things and it should become a natural part of what they do and the services that they offer. Here are five of the things that are very important in this industry.


  1. Listen to the client

Rather than talking about what they have done and how much they can offer, a good architect should be prepared to listen to their clients and pay attention to exactly what is needed. The client is the one paying for the service, and it’s not cheap either, so getting the job right is vital. If there are issues, the client can complain, leave bad reviews and depending on just how bad it is, could ruin the reputation and business of the architect.

  1. Be prepared to offer ideas

Some people will hire the help of an architect without much idea of what they actually want. Depending on the type of person and how they work, this might be the ideal situation, since there is a lot more creative freedom than working with somebody who has rigid plans and knows exactly how they want their building to turn out. Whether its landscape designs Sydney North Shore or the overall shape of a new office block, you should be ready for the question, and ‘What do you think I should do with this?’

  1. Be transparent and honest

Rather than trying to make your fees and charges, be honest and upfront with your clients straight from the offset. This means that they can’t ever complain about you hiding the fees and costs, and most people will highly value this trait. You can emphasise to your clients that you are being transparent and honest about the fees and charges that you have in place, and then they are free to decide whether they are happy to pay or find another architect.

  1. Be proud of your work

Without being arrogant, don’t forget to be proud of your work and what you can do. Clients are looking or somebody in whom they can have confidence and trust that everything is going to run as smoothly as possible, so don’t worry about sounding like you’re boasting about your achievements and successes. While most clients will have read your bio, info and more details on a website or brochure, there’s no harm in spending five minutes running through how you work and what you’ve done when you first meet a new client.

  1. Be open to new ideas

Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea. Likewise, no matter what your opinion is on a certain property design or style, if your clients wants to pay for it and is very keen to have it on their property, you should be happy to work with this.