• Written by News Company

It’s no secret that our world is becoming dominated by small businesses. More and more people are plucking up the courage to earn a side hustle and be their own boss. Despite 75% of small businesses failing in their first year it’s not stopping the dramatic increase that has occurred in the last few years. It’s true that businesses can’t function these days without embracing technology; you need a website, social media and a blog to get noticed nowadays. Here are a handful of the smart strategies that savvy entrepreneurs are adopting into their strategies right now.

Virtual Offices

Many people are starting a business from home, but want to have the professionalism of a corporate business. It is very difficult to afford office spaces especially in thriving city centres. This website, explains everything about having your own professional address and phone number. Whether you’re getting mail redirected there or receiving answer phone messages, your business will be deemed more professional instantly if you have your very own virtual office.


A blog is becoming a fundamental business tool for entrepreneurs; if you don’t have a creative blog to backup your website, then you aren’t going to get noticed on the busy World Wide Web. Having a blog improves your overall SEO and it gives an additional platform to have discussions with the target audience. A blog is completely free to set up so every business owner should consider this as a priority. As long as the content is regular and unique it is bound to get noticed online. Try to steer clear of controversial topics and generic ideas that have all been discussed before; you want to entice people and draw people into the business you have to offer.

Social Media

Having a strong social media presence is essential in this age. If you can’t be discovered on popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then your potential clients are less likely to trust you. As long as there is a solid social media strategy in place, the content will be relevant and regular enough to attract plenty of people from the right audience.


The truth is that technology can improve your business in a huge way. Investing in the latest laptops, phones and tablets can really help a business owner to get one step ahead. Augmented reality comics are becoming a craze, as well as innovative software ideas; so hop onto the technology crazes as quickly as you can, because before you know it there will be another fad on the market.

With more and more people waving goodbye to life in the corporate world, small businesses are becoming a thing of the future. People can start up their own business from the comfort of their own home, as long as they have a strong idea and solid business skills. If you are thinking of becoming a solopreneur, then take these ideas into consideration. Use your tech-savvy mind to stay one step ahead and make your business idea a flourishing success.