• Written by News Company

Implementing growth in any business is about effective foundations. When you start to build up your business you will make numerous errors of judgement but the important thing is that you learn from these so you can improve the business through its processes. We can spend a lot of time focusing on processes and making them needlessly complicated but the goal of the very end of the day is to ensure that the business functions in an organised manner in as few steps as possible. What are the best ways to incorporate organisational processes that are for the benefit of the business rather than working to serve the process needlessly?

Learning To Serve The Space

Whether you are learning how to optimise space in your warehouse or you are looking to improve the layout of your office you've always got to make sure that you served the space. Any process needs to be done in as few steps as possible and this goes for the physical component as well. Learning to serve the space by working with the architecture or really working hard on the layout will make sure that everything is as efficient as possible. We can tend to move into an office and lay things out based on our quick judgement of the place but after a while, we might realise that processes become needlessly complicated so we have to minimise traffic or people need to have quick access to the printer. Think about it from the perspective of an employee. If they have to walk from one side of the office and go up two flights of stairs to get a piece of paper, how much time are they actually wasting?

Shunning The Idea Of Working Hard

Working hard has been beneficial for decades and there is still a place for working your fingers to the bone but when we're talking about processes we've got to find the shortcuts. That's not to say that we start to become sloppy in our execution of ideas but we have to implement the right tools to get us from point A to point B as quickly as possible. You've got to look at the organisation and see what it can benefit from. One of the most common examples now is automating certain processes. From a marketing perspective, automating social media posts has made life easier for the business. When we start to think about processes that can be automated it can open up to so many other avenues.

Remembering It's About The Customer

We can spend a lot of time focusing inward but we have to remember that these processes are all about serving the customer's needs. We can't ever lose track of the big picture. And when we start to see that our processes have a significant impact on the customer, either positively or negatively, this is when we can truly see the fruits of our labour. Focusing on the customer gives us that opportunity to understand why we are doing this. We can spend a lot of time focusing on ourselves but at the end of the day, it's the consumer who needs to benefit.