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Many of us are experiencing a lot of change at the moment. We might be laid off from work. We might be working from home. We might have reduced hours. Most of us are finding ourselves with a lot more time on our hands to mull things over and contemplate the direction of our lives. When all of this passes, we may decide that we want to take a different path and earn money in a different way. At the end of the day, we’re all going to need to earn money. But why not earn it doing something you enjoy? Why not make your own fortune rather than making someone else’s for them? A simple way to do this is to start up your own company. While it may take time and perseverance, it can really pay off and provide you with work that you’re actually invested in! Here are some starter steps to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Come Up With a Product Concept

First things first, you’re going to need to create a product that either fills a gap in the market or provides a preferable alternative to something that already exists in the market. This could be absolutely anything. It could be clothing. It could be food. It could be tech. It could be a novelty item. Whatever it is, you just need an idea as a starting block.

Do Your Market Research

Once you’ve got your idea sorted out, it’s time to carry out market research. This will give you an insight into what people think of your idea. Does it appeal to anyone? If so, who does it appeal to? Would they actually buy it? What kind of price would they be willing to pay? This will help you to know if you’re onto a winning product that could make sales and generate profit, or whether you need to head back to the drawing board.

Figure Out the Numbers

If the product seems to have appeal, you need to then figure out whether you can make it at the right price. This will involve using sourcing agents like to figure out how much base materials will cost. It will involve getting in touch with manufacturers to figure out their costs, or how much it would cost you to manufacture the product yourself. It will mean working out packaging costs, shipping costs, storage costs and more. If you can get everything you need together for less than the price customers are willing to pay with enough room for profit, you can give the project the go ahead.

Get Into Manufacturing

It’s time to manufacture your first products! It might be best to do a test run of a small batch first. This will ensure the products are being created correctly and can cater to your first lot of demand. As demand grows, you can produce more!

Sure, things might not all go smoothly straight away and you may find yourself hitting bumps in the road as you progress. But it’s a process that provides you with a good starting point and can help you make the right decisions in your early stages!

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