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The website has now become a major source of earning as the IT (Information Technology) field is progressing. People create their website to sell products or for giving different services to other people such as news or sports-related content. The business has shifted to the online mode from the recent decade.

Web Design Company - Lilo noted that if you are also thinking about having a website, this article is going to work as a guide for you. We are going to tell you each and every step of making your own website. By reading this article you will be able to start working on the development of your website. We will discuss the whole website creation process in five important steps, so stay with us!

Steps of Creating a fully functional Website

Niche or Topic Selection:

It is the first and most important step in creating a website. In this step, you have to select a suitable, profitable, and in fashion niche or topic on which you are going to create the website. For example, if you are starting an online business, you will need a business or eCommerce website. The theme or structure of your website will totally depend on the nature of your selected niche. If you are going to start a business website, you will need such a website which have space for different products on its homepage and if you are starting a news service you will need different news section on your website homepage. So, the first thing you have to do is the niche or topic selection for your website and setting the targets, you want to achieve through this website.

Register the name of your website domain:

Now, we are entering into the practical website creation. In this step, you have to decide the name of your website such as, and register it on your email. Your domain name should reflect your services or products you are offering through your website. Domain name is really important to rank higher in the search engine. If you are starting a business on your website, your domain name should be the name of your business. For example, if you are going to sell shoes, your domain name should be shoe-related such bestshoes, brandedshoes, or wonderfulshoes, etc.

Once you have selected the name of your domain, you will register it through an accredited registrar. You have to pay a fee for this purpose which is different according to the nature of the domain. Namecheap is a well-known website on which you can register your domain name. Many other accredited registrars can register your domain. These accredited registrars are actually organizations who are authorized by auDA (Australian domain name administrator). After register your domain, you have to renew your registration every year after paying a fee otherwise your domain will expire and you will no longer useable.

Attach your domain with Web hosting service:

Now as you have selected your domain and registered it also, it is the time a finding the best web hosting service provider. Webhosting is the process of putting your website on the internet, so people can search for you. You can get web hosting services from famous internet provider and website development companies. Web hosting services are also provided by some websites such as and They can provide you with multiple email addresses also.

Like Domain registration, you have to pay for Webhosting service monthly according to the volume of your website.

Creating Content:

A website without content is just like an empty register or an empty pamphlet. You have to create engaging content for your website. It is very necessary for the success of your website because you will attract the people on your website through the content. You can create content according to your topic and niche. You can also hire the services of an expert content writer for this purpose. Preparing the content before website development is very necessary so you can upload content straightaway after the creation of the website.

Development of your website:

Now you have everything related to your website such as a registered domain, content, and web hosting service. So, you can start building the structure of your website. If you are a developer by profession, its ok, if not, you can hire the services of an expert website developer. An expert developer will take care of all the issues related to the development and regular maintenance. In the Development of your website, you are actually building the design, features, and theme of your website. It is the interface that people will see when they will visit your website. You should build a catchy and attractive interface of your website so people will find it engaging.

While developing your website always keep in mind that the best website always works best on PC as well as on Smartphones. So, customize your website in such a way that it can work perfectly on mobile devices screen because a large group of people will visit your website through their mobile phone.

Some Useful Tips

  • Research about what are the services that your customer is demanding from you and build your website according to it.

  • Use the services of professional developers. It will cost you some more money but it will best for the future of your business.

  • Update your website regularly with engaging content and don't let people get bored with your website.

  • Always place your correct contact details on the about us section of your website. People will use these contacts for giving you some valuable suggestions.

  • Marketing of your website is very necessary. People will know about your website through marketing.

  • Do regular and valuable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. A website without SEO is just nothing because you can’t rank in Google search index without proper SEO. If necessary, you can also hire an SEO expert for this purpose.

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