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Over recent years the increase in numbers of people working from home has been driven by improving technology, in particular communications technology. As a result, increasing numbers of people are greatly enjoying the freedom that comes with it. And that makes sense.

You can work around life, be it children, care duties, exercise, side jobs and housework etc, and there is less of an ever-presence over your shoulder scrutinizing everything. But has that lack of a micromanaging presence made the thought occur to you that you’d rather be your own boss?

Well, if it did you wouldn’t be alone. People quitting jobs is trending, with disrespectful managers and pay that isn’t worth the time for their own side hustles around the western world. Have you ever wondered how they do it? What do they go into? Well, if you’re thinking about it, but don’t know where to start, take a look at our ideas for jobs to pursue if you like the idea of working from home.


We’re starting with influencer, because, even if that term brings about an image of an industry you don’t want to be in, you’ll need to be in it in some form or another if you’re going to work for yourself. The point of an influencer is to market yourself, and you’ll need to do that for just about any hustle you pursue on your own.

And don’t turn your nose up at the idea. Being an influencer without a team of people behind you (some 90% of influencers), takes a lot of transferable skills. You have to be reasonably talented, yes, bringing looks and/or personality. However, you may also need a combination of photography skills, photoshop skills, filming and editing etc. But that’s only what the users see. Behind the scenes is leadership skills, business management skills, negotiating skills, etc.

For example, you can start an affiliate marketing blog, which puts the products in the spotlight and allows you to focus on the business aspects. So if you were to focus your blog on gambling fans for example, you could showcase things like the best slots online, poker games, where to play for real money at legal casinos in Ohio or similar, but you would have to hunt for affiliate programs, which are available on a lot of gambling sites, and negotiate terms.


If you’ve loved the idea of working from home, the work/life balance, the freedom to do it from anywhere, the lack of micro-managing, but you’d like to add on the idea of being your own boss, you might want to start by looking at freelancing. Look at the skills you have now and consider applying them to a freelancing role. This might mean simply taking the job you have now on a freelance basis or pursuing something new.

If you have writing skills, you can pursue copywriting, ghost writing, freelance journalism, starting your own blog, etc. If you have a love of numbers you could do some accounting, or for organizational skills you can become a personal assistant, with the freedom to take on various clients. If you are more creative you can look into graphic design, photography for the sake of marketing or events, editing, etc.


And of course, just about everything needs to be taught. There are people all over the world looking to learn something new and you could be just the person to enlighten them.

There are the traditional means of teaching to pursue. You can look into getting a degree to teach in schools, or you can become a tutor, teaching students at home. But this is the big bad 21st century where everything is online. Students need personal tutors and are adept at using technology so you can start teaching via Zoom calls, or even record your own courses and sell access to them as extra ongoing income.