Although almost every woman on the planet has one breast that is slightly larger than the other, for some ladies, the difference can be a little more extreme. If you are worried about your uneven, asymmetrical breasts, then the good news is that there are various corrective surgery options that you might want to consider. You may be surprised to hear that more women than you realise suffer with uneven breasts; cosmetic surgeons are used to dealing with this issue and many are well experienced with correcting breast asymmetry. Here are some of the options to consider if you are hoping to correct your uneven breasts.

Breast Implants:

If you have one breast that is significantly smaller than the other, then one option that you might want to think about is having an implant inserted to enlarge it. There are several reputable surgeons offering breast implants in Melbourne that will be able to help with a procedure that will live you with firmer, fuller, and more even breasts. However, bear in mind that when getting breast implants to correct asymmetry, you will most likely need to have implants fitted into both breasts to ensure that they are as similar as possible after your procedure. If one breast is significantly larger, this procedure will most likely also require having this breast reduced beforehand, too.

Breast Reduction:

Although it is not always as popular an option as enlarging the smaller breast to match the larger one, a breast reduction for the larger breast is usually always the most recommended procedure by cosmetic surgeons when it comes to correcting breast asymmetry. This is because it usually produces a more natural looking result, requires less work and recovery time, and has less health risks and complications for the future. Although plastic surgeons say that there is usually a tendency to want the smaller breast to be larger, if you are considering breast augmentation surgery for asymmetric breasts then bear in mind that this is not always the better option.

Fat Transfer:

If you have asymmetric breasts where you’d prefer the smaller one to be a little larger and want to reduce the size of the larger breast, then a fat transfer procedure could be the best option for you. This type of procedure is often recommended by plastic surgeons wherever possible since not only does it pose less health complication risks than having implants fitted, it can also produce a much more natural result.

Breast Uplift:

If your breast asymmetry is caused by a lower-hanging, rather than a larger breast, then a breast uplift procedure may be all that you need. Rather than changing the size of the breasts, this procedure is designed to lift them up and give them a firmer, fuller and perkier appearance, which can often correct breast unevenness in cases where the difference is not too extreme. If you are dealing with only slight differences between your breasts or one hangs slightly differently from the other, this could be the best option for you. Bear in mind that a consultation with a good cosmetic surgeon is the best method of determining which type of treatment is best for correcting your uneven breasts.

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