The NSW Government’s Statewide Mental Health Infrastructure Program includes funding for specialist acute mental health units for mothers and babies. Mother Baby Units (MBUs) provide in-patient care for mothers who are experiencing psychiatric illness in the perinatal period, together with their baby.

“This is an important step to ensuring appropriate care and treatment for mothers and their babies in NSW when an acute hospital admission is necessary due to perinatal mental illness,” said PANDA CEO Terri Smith.  

“PANDA has been advocating to the NSW Government for many years to fund public MBU’s in NSW. We know from calls to our National Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Helpline that there is a pressing need in NSW for affordable inpatient care to support new mothers experiencing serious mental illness.”

“This specialist care will help the mum’s recovery while also helping her develop a crucial bond with her new baby.”

“We commend the NSW Government for this important first step in funding critical support services to enable NSW mums and their babies to access specialist public hospital beds to help them recover from perinatal mental illness.”

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