Well, who doesn’t want to do that? If you know that you would like to live a much longer and happier life, then you will no doubt be keen on discovering how you might be able to do that. It might even be that you know pretty well what kind of steps you might need to take - but often, knowing that and making it a reality are two very different things indeed. Making your life into the kind of experience where you are more likely to enjoy it and live a long and happy one can actually take some time and effort, but as long as you are keen to do this you should find that you are able to make a huge difference in no time. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways to ensure that you live a much longer, happier life for sure. You might be surprised at how simple and easy some of these changes actually are.

Getting Your Diet Right

We all know that diet is important here, but knowing that and knowing what your diet should actually consist of are two very different things. In general, diet advice can be so varied as to be useless, and the trouble often with nutrition is that you can’t really apply a lot of it to everyone. However, there are some general pieces of advice which we can give which are likely to work for the vast majority of most people, and which will mean that you are more likely to be able to get your diet right in the process. Understanding diet better is bound to make a huge difference to how healthy you are, and even your happiness levels too.

First of all, make sure that you avoid processed foods as much as you possibly can. Eating processed food doesn’t give your body anything good that it can actually use in a nutritional sense - in fact, all it does is make you more likely to get sick in the long run. The less processed food you eat in your life, the better, and the longer a life it is likely to be. You should instead be aiming to eat plenty of whole foods, and that is something which you can make sure you are doing by aiming for a wide variety of them - which in general, is what your diet should consist of on the whole.


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In order to get that right, you can make a list on your fridge and try to stick to it. This should include a number of normal fruits and veggies, some nuts and seeds, legumes, grains and a few oats. If you can get all that into your diet, then you will be eating much healthier indeed. Add to that a few berries - blueberries are especially good for you as they are full of antioxidants - and something like flaxseed, and you will find that your diet is pretty much as good as can be. Drink plenty of water, and you will be happy to hear that that can include some tea and coffee, and you are all set. This is the diet that most people should be following - and if you do, you will find that it results in a much longer and happier life which is more full of energy too.

Watching Out For Sickness

Everyone is going to get sick at some point, so you should be aware of that and not try to pretend otherwise. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to overly worry about it, or that you need to make yourself ironically sick in thinking about it. All it means is that you need to make a point of watching out for the early symptoms of many of the more important, major diseases, so that you can ensure you are going to keep them at bay as well as you can. If you are following the diet set out above, then you will already be doing plenty to keep it at bay, but you should also be able to spot many of the more common worrying symptoms too, so that you know when you need to start taking more direct action towards fixing the problem.


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When you do contract some kind of illness, it’s important to make sure that you react in the right way. The last thing you want to do is to simply ask Doctor Google what those symptoms mean and what you should do. You should instead speak to your doctor and see what they recommend, and try to keep away from researching it too much yourself. You can’t often trust the information on the internet, so you are only going to worry yourself further and maybe even cause yourself more trouble by doing that.

Generally, keeping an eye out for illness is going to be a good idea, but make sure that you are not allowing yourself to worry unduly about it. You should generally carry on living your life, and not merely wait around for the next disease to appear. But being prepared is also a pretty good idea, and might make it less stressful should something like that occur.

Focus On Happiness

The truth about happiness is that, if you want it, you have to go out and get it. That is something that you might find difficult or even counter-intuitive to appreciate, but it’s the truth, and it’s something that you should try to be aware of as early on as you can. You need to make happiness a goal if you are to experience it as much as possible in your life, and you will therefore find that it is much more likely to grace you with its presence more often. There are some practical things that are likely to help keep your mind calm and clear too, and will help happiness to come along more fully. Meditating regularly, for instance, will ensure this - as will eating well and getting plenty of exercise. Focus on those three things, and you should find that happiness comes your way pretty easily enough.