Amino acids and proteins not only build our muscle mass but also protect it from the wear caused by daily activities and recompose its muscular structure to keep us strong and healthy. Due to the deficiencies in the levels of these important nutrients in our body, we go through many diseases. Supplements are recommended to us by doctors and healthcare professionals to help us restock our bodies with the amino energy.

Proteins also form other essential substances for the body, such as enzymes, hormones, DNA, nerve transmitters, etc. All these substances are produced and consumed day by day, helping to keep us healthy and allowing us to perform various activities. Touch, vision, taste, smell, and hearing are possible due to the presence of proteins in the body.

Proteins and amino acids are essential for health

Many people consume as much protein as they can and opt for high protein diets, while others do not reach their daily intake and do not eat enough. This article will help you understand what amino acids are and why they are so important.

Fitness needs

On average, people who lift weight tend to eat much more protein than they really need. It seems that there is a stigma around muscle building that requires a very high protein diet. It is true that proteins and amino acids are necessary to build muscle but the amounts they need to be consumed in are not so high. You may not need to eat that extra can of tuna or chicken breast every night to meet your daily protein requirement, and you could actually replace those calories with carbohydrates.

Proteins have many health benefits

The most important and responsible nutrient for many of the functions in our body is protein. It is made up of "amino acids", which are small molecules present in it. Protein is responsible for the production of enzymes, hormones and many more important molecules for the body.

Increasing muscle mass with protein

Muscle mass increases under a basic and simple principle, we must consume more protein than we lose. In addition to increasing our protein intake (if our goal is to increase muscle mass), we must perform weightlifting exercises, that way they will take action developing our muscles.

Losing weight with protein

To lose weight, fewer calories should be ingested than the amount burned (it is much simpler than burning more calories than those consumed, as it would be a problem if calorie consumption were very high).

Reduces appetite

Fortunately, protein reduces appetite, which automatically and naturally decreases calorie intake. It gives the feeling of satiety necessary to decrease daily food intake.

Protein consumption also increases metabolism. The most impressive thing about protein is that it prevents the recovery of lost weight as well as conserving muscle mass since it is constantly burning a small number of calories.

Whey protein is an awesome choice

Whey Protein has low fat and low carbohydrate content, making it a very useful supplement to collect high-quality proteins quickly. Protein supplementation can reduce the cost of expensive meats and is a very convenient way to reach your protein requirement for the day.

Why are amino acids important?

20% of the human body is made of protein. It is used to create muscles, bones, hair, nails. Protein is made up of amino acids, which makes them very important in the process of creating the cellular structure, as well as the transport and storage of nutrients.

Each of them has specific functions. For example,

  • Histidine is basic in tissue repair and in its production.

  • Isoleucine allows the regulation of blood sugar.

  • Methionine acts as an antioxidant and

  • Tryptophan has relaxing functions.

Heals our body

Amino acids are essential for the healing of bones, muscles, tissues and vital organs. Although there are 21 amino acids, there are two categories of amino acids that you are most likely to have knowledge of; these are essential amino acids (EAA) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA).

Energy production

Amino acids are the most important for energy production and muscle metabolism. One of the main benefits of BCAAs is that they help maintain muscle when you are at a calorie deficit. They help in adapting your nutrition to fat loss which means that your body can break down your muscles while you are losing weight.

Allows digestion

Amino acids favor digestion and are an essential component in maintaining our health. They allow the breakdown of food so that what we eat can be synthesized and absorbed by the bloodstream.

Provide us with energy

They provide us with vital energy. Amino acids are an energy nutrient and they provide our bodies with the energy needed to carry out important functions.

Essential for metabolism and growth

They constitute a basic and fundamental substrate for living cells. They are a key piece for the growth of all our organs and glands.

Creation of body tissue

They allow tissue repair and growth. Amino acids are involved in muscle development, tendons, as well as nails, skin, and hair. They produce keratin in skin, collagen in cartilage and bone, and myosin in muscle, etc.

Amino acids for weight loss

Use amino acids to lose weight. Keep in mind that they are compounds that contribute to the fat-burning process.

Amino acids are chemicals that help us fulfill the essential functions of the body like synthesize protein, but at the same time, they also help us lose weight.


NOT all amino acids help us lose weight. Only some of them have properties that activate the metabolism and will allow us to burn fat. Specifically, researchers have determined that there are 8 different amino acids that help us lose weight effectively and easily, so if you want to lose weight there is no better option than incorporating them into your diet.

No drastic effects on your health

Unlike some supplements to lose weight, the amino acids cannot be considered as a “miraculous effect” as they don’t make you lose fat suddenly. They produce changes at a natural level that activate the metabolism, reduce appetite and, help us to eliminate those kilos more easily.

Stay healthy

Take a balanced diet and pay extra care to consume protein and an amino acid-rich diet as it has numerous benefits for your health.