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Drug addiction is very unhealthy and exposes you to lots of health risks and complications.

Substance addiction requires urgent medical attention, this is why we have rehab facilities available around anywhere close to you.

Rehab generally involves lots of things and not just about going to solve drug addiction troubles but they also help to guide you through your after recovery process so as not to go back to the habit.

Most people find it hard to go to a rehab concerning their drug addiction problems because they believe they would have to be admitted in there for a long period of time before being released but that’s not how it works, in rehabs you are free to leave anytime you want based on how your recovery goes and not all drug addiction treatment requires being admitted into the rehab it all depends on how serious the drug addiction is in the patient and the health complications it has caused. There are different available treatment programs based on the patient’s need, health, and mental situation and what would be suitable for the patients.


Types of substance addict treatment programs

Detox treatment program


Inpatient treatment program

Outpatient treatment program



Detox treatment program: this is usually the first stage before any rehab treatment program. During the detox treatment, your body system would safely be flushed out of the harmful substances that were taken, it is not as difficult as it seems, this is a compulsory stage in your recovery process, though most patients usually experience a withdrawal syndrome, they begin to experience some symptoms after their body system has been flushed to get rid of the harmful substances.


Medications: this is also commonly used in the treatments process, it depends on how deep the patient have been into drug addiction life, some medications would be prescribed to help get rid of the substances and control the drug cravings, it also helps to keep them calm in some situations and helps in the recovery process.


Inpatient treatment program: this is usually administered to patients with serious drug addict cases, the patient is usually required to stay in the rehab facilities for treatment, they would be admitted in a conducive environment to speed up their recovery process, they are exposed to 24 hours emotional and medical support.


Outpatient treatment program: this treatment program is for patients with less serious drug addict cases, they are usually given a scheduled time to visit the rehab daily this way they would be able to carry out their daily activities. In these treatment cases, it requires determination and commitment on the patient’s part.


Therapy: this is one of the most common treatment programs, the patient would be required to visit a therapist occasionally and be educated on the necessary information about drug addiction consequences and how to prevent relapse.