Bladder control problems affect many people and incontinence is often a problem that is faced by ageing adults throughout the years. For some elderly people, incontinence may not be a constant issue. However, it can be a simple problem that might get triggered by sneezing or laughter. For some, it can be a full-time issue. Whatever the severity is, it is always best to take precautions that can meet the incontinence needs effectively.

Incontinence products like incontinence pads or guards, reusable or disposable underpants and other such products are widely available and one of the best places you can get these products is from Confidence Club! They offer a wide range of products specially designed for handling incontinence issues.

Types of Incontinence Protection

Incontinence products come in different varieties and styles. It is essential to understand the different types of incontinence products available and their unique characteristics. The most common products include:

Incontinence Pads and Liners for Women: Both pads and liners are used for moderate and light incontinence among women. They are available in different levels of absorbency and in different lengths and sizes. They can be easily worn with regular underwear.

Incontinence Guards for Men: They are usually gender-specific for men and can be attached to the normal underwear or to reusable briefs. They can offer light to moderate protection from the incontinence and are designed specially to fit male anatomy.

Belted Shields: These are simply pads, liners or guards that may have an additional feature of an adjustable belt. This offers better positioning and security. The shields come in different absorbances and might work well for light to moderate incontinence. It can be easily worn underneath regular underwear.

Protective Pull-ups: They are often referred to as pull-ups and can be a one-piece garment that uses elastic to make it easy to pull it on and off. They come in various absorbency levels and work well for seniors who face moderate to heavy incontinence. It also works well both during the day as well as night time. Some brands have odour control elements in it too.

Fitted Briefs: These are one-piece garments that might be used for moderate to heavy protection. They feature adjustable or adhesive closures. They come with or without elasticised legs and have outer material made of plastic or cloth for additional protection.
Factors to Consider While Choosing Incontinence Products

The products come in various styles and have different features which might vary from brand to brand. So when you choose these products, it’s good to keep the following factors in mind.

Absorbency Level: It refers to the amount of liquid a product can handle and ranges from handling light to heavy incontinence. You need to consider the level of incontinence before you opt for any of the incontinence products. For instance, if you have night time incontinence, you should opt for the absorbency level of the product based on your level of incontinence.

Size: Purchasing the right size of any product is essential so that you can avoid buying products that are too small or too large. The sizes for pull-ups and fitted briefs are based on waist and hip measurements. However, the sizing can vary between the products so it’s best if you can try out different options to figure out what fits you the best.

Odour Control: Various protective products come with different technologies that can control odour. You can purchase products that have odour control to prevent any unwanted whiffs during the day. Also, opt for products that have moisture wicking technology – this helps to keep moisture away from the body so that you feel dry and comfortable.

Gender-specific Design: Various products offered by Confidenceclub are specially designed for the purpose of tackling incontinence issues. It has gender-specific designs that fits the body and needs of each gender. Check them out!

Activity Level: This too is an essential factor while choosing incontinence products. If you are very active, you might need a product that not only fits you well but which is flexible and absorbent too. But if there is limited mobility, the products that can be easily removed as a priority are the most useful.

One of the best things to do when you’re trying to determine which incontinence products might work for you is to try out products from various brands. Many top brands may offer samples or promotional packs that can be a cost-effective way to find the right solution for your incontinence needs. Confidence Club has a collection of products like incontinence pads, liners, reusable and disposable briefs for men and women. Besides, these products are available in various sizes and shapes for easy fitting.